Gore Tex- Best Tips & Advice

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Gore Tex- Beste Tips & Advies
Bought a new pair of Gore-Tex sneakers? Are you looking for information about the best protection for it? Are you in doubt about the purchase of Gore-Tex motorcycle riding boots? Do these stay waterproof for a long time? If so, how does that work? Make your profit with the tips below.

What is Gore Tex

First of all, this important question. What does it actually mean if products are made from this material? What does a Gore-Tex label mean? All Gore-Tex products contain a membrane. This makes them breathable, waterproof and windproof. This way you stay dry and warm in wind and weather. There is also less chance of perspiring. The durability and quality are excellent. If you have Gore-Tex clothing or shoes, good maintenance is necessary. Only do this with a suitable impregnating agent Gore Tex.

Gore-Tex water column

The degree to which the clothing is water-repellent is described in the form of the millimeter water column. This therefore says something about the amount of water pressure that a substance can have per square meter before leakage occurs. With Gore-Tex the water column is high.

How long does Gore-Tex last?

What should you envision in terms of sustainability? How long do Gore-Tex clothes generally last?

You do not have to worry about the lifespan of clothing with Gore-Tex. GTX can take a beating. It lasts a long time. Even over time, it remains wind and waterproof. These products are resistant to all weather conditions. The membrane does not age. Of course it is a condition that you protect Gore-Tex in a good and responsible way. Then there will be no problems guaranteed.

Fix Gore Tex

No matter how good and durable Gore-Tex is, something can break. Then use special and handy patches to repair any tears and holes. This ensures that the watertight integrity is maintained.

How to treat Gore-Tex shoes?

Tips for treating Gore-Tex shoes

Tip 1: Regular maintenance

Are you completely happy with your hiking or work shoes? Do you have beautiful motorcycle riding boots from Gore-Tex? Then you will undoubtedly want to know how to protect them.

  • Regular maintenance is then the number 1 priority.
  • Clean shoes dry first with a firm brush
  • Taking laces out of the shoe
  • Pulling Tongue Out
  • Treat dry shoes with impregnating spray

Tip 2: Let it dry properly

Do not let the shoes dry too quickly. There is a risk of tearing, especially with leather. Do not dry them near the heater, near a fireplace or in the sun.

Tip 3: Solve on time

How intensively do you use the shoes? Sometimes the sole wears out faster than the shoe itself. Then have them resoled on time. This way you can go ahead with your shoes again.

Which socks in Gore-Tex shoes?

In everyday life you swear by cotton socks? Do not do this in your Gore-Tex shoes. Cotton is a hollow fiber. This sucks itself full of moisture. This is fine in itself, but not that the socks will remain damp for a long time. This also applies to the skin of your foot. Blisters soon follow. Choose synthetic material or merino wool.

Tip 4: Make Gore-Tex shoes waterproof

Are the shoes clean? Then you can now waterproof them. Important notes:

  • Shoes can be slightly damp
  • Choose specific or universal product
  • Look in Online store from Ultramar
  • Search for Outdoor Gear Protector

Benefits of Outdoor Gear Protector when treating Gore-Tex products

  • Makes perfect dirt-repellent
  • Makes perfect water repellent
  • Gives your products a longer lifespan
  • Easy in use

Tip 5: Clean well

Especially after a long hike or if the shoes are really dirty, clean the shoes. How?

  • Brushing shoes, so leather becomes air permeable and breathable again
  • Laces loose and tongue forward
  • Clean with warm water and a brush
  • Blobs of mud? Let it dry for a while and then wipe it off with a brush

Wash Gore-Tex socks

Cleaning Gore Tex is possible. In addition, it is important. Dirt causes blockage. The clothing then no longer breathes. The perspiration remains in the clothing and it feels clammy. What do you pay attention to when washing Gore-Tex?

  • Put clothes in the washing machine
  • Use a small amount of liquid detergent
  • Up to 40 degrees and 2 rinses
  • Spin well to prevent creases
  • Let it dry well
  • Treat with impregnating agent Gore Tex for a new protective layer

Gore Tex motorhandschoenen

Inspect and clean them after each use. What do you pay particular attention to?

  • Impregnate regularly to prevent cold hands
  • Remove dirt with a damp cloth, do not use hot water!
  • Never bring gloves into contact with solvents or aggressive cleaning products
  • Do not dry near a heat source
  • Be careful of direct sunlight to avoid stiff material
  • Never clean in the washing machine
  • Drying in ventilated area

Gore Tex motorjas en Gore Tex motorlaarzen

Take good care of your motorcycle jacket and motorcycle boots and they will last for years. What do you pay attention to?

  • Regular impregnation
  • Only use high-quality impregnation spray
  • Wrong impregnation can affect breathability
  • Remove liner and protectors and wash thermal liner separately
  • Allow motorcycle jacket and motorcycle boots to dry at room temperature
  • Preferably wash the jacket by hand and otherwise at most at 40 degrees
  • Always impregnate again after washing and drying

Advice on Gore-Tex jacket

There are several Gore-Tex jackets for sale. Which one is best now? You will not soon regret purchasing a Gore-Tex jacket. You can wash the Gore-Tex jacket and the durability is excellent. Some tips for you:

Tip 1: Not every waterproof jacket is from Gore-Tex

Buying a waterproof jacket doesn't necessarily mean Gore-Tex. Manufacturers sometimes offer products that are waterproof, but that don't match real Gore-Tex. Different constructions are then used. These jackets are more or less protective against rain and wind. A jacket with a genuine original Gore-Tex membrane is absolutely reliable and permanently waterproof.

Tip 2: Sealing is important

A real Gore-Tex jacket has special Gore-Tex tape applied. This seals the seams on the inside of the jacket. Even at high pressure, for example if you are wearing a trekking backpack, no moisture gets in through the seams. Check the Gore-Tex logo and you are guaranteed to be in the right place.

Tip 3: choose Gore-Tex Pro if you want an enormous wear resistance with the jacket

Tip 4: Gore-Tex Active is noticeably lighter

If you choose Gore-Tex Active, the jacket is noticeably lighter. These jackets are also very compact to store. Ideal for cyclists, among others.

Gore-Tex cycling jacket

Do you like to cycle a lot? A rain shower and a lot of wind won't stop you? A Gore-Tex raincoat is indispensable. What do you look for when looking for a jacket? Or how do you maintain this jacket?

  • Cheap is expensive
  • Gore-Tex technology makes these jackets perfectly waterproof
  • Ventilation pieces on the side are recommended
  • With Gore-Tex INFINIUM you are never too hot and never too cold
  • Wash the jacket regularly to keep the pores clean
  • Use the right detergent with Gore Tex maintenance
  • Impregnation of the Gore-Tex jacket is necessary after 2 or 3 coats

Impregneerspray Gore Tex

What is the best if you opt for Gore Tex impregnation? Purchase Outdoor Gear Protector Outdoor Gear Protector and you'll be fine with Gore-Tex waterproofing. What can you achieve with this?

Gore-Tex shoes not waterproof? Waterproofing Gore Tex is a piece of cake with this spray

  • You get all materials from Gore Tex waterproof
  • You can make your Gore-Tex jacket waterproof
  • You can make Gore-Tex water-repellent
  • Suitable for handling Gore-Tex gloves
  • Suitable for treatment Gore-Tex sneakers
  • For a good Gore Tex impregnation spray you have to go to Ultramar

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