How can I coat sails? - IInstructions for use

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Hoe kan ik zeilen coaten? - Gebruiksaanwijzing

our sails need protection. This way they stay clean longer and there is less chance of mold and that ugly green deposit. With these instructions for use and recommended products, your tarpaulin is perfectly protected.

Tarpaulin is very vulnerable

Dacron tarpaulin, really doesn't matter. It's all very susceptible to fungi, algae. Spider poop, mosquitoes, rust and aluminum stains also easily adhere to the cloth.

Coating a sail yourself not only keeps it clean for longer. With the strong Sail & Spinnaker Coating it also stays dry. Very useful for spinnakers!

Instructions for use: Coating sails with Sail & Spinnaker Coating

  1. make sure it tarpaulin clean and dry is. Clean first if necessary. See Instructions for use Sail Cleaning
  2. Syringe Sail & Spinnaker Coating evenly on the canvas. From left to right and from top to bottom. A thin layer is sufficient. Use a plant sprayer. You can also use a paint roller if you wish.
  3. Wait about 15 minutes until the sail is dry. Then the other side of the sailcloth. 
  4. Let the cloth dry thoroughly.  

Pay attention!

  • Do not inhale the spray mist.
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Protect eyes, mouth and skin. 
  • Read the instructions on the packaging before use

Protect your expensive sails and extend their life.