How can I remove mosquito stains from my sail? - Instructions for use

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Hoe kan ik vlekken van muggen uit mijn zeil verwijderen? - Gebruiksaanwijzing

Mosquitoes, spiders and other insects. They sometimes leave unsightly stains in your sails. The steps below will make your sails like new.

This is how to remove mosquito stains from sailcloth:

  1. Fill a bin, clicker, tub or rain barrel with lukewarm water (30 degrees Celsius).
  2. Add Sail Cleaner 30 grams (1 scoop) per 1 liter of lukewarm water and mix.
  3. Fold or roll up the sail.
  4. Soak the sail for at least 24 hours while submerged.
  5. Remove the tarpaulin from the bath.
  6. Place it on a clean surface (construction tarp)
  7. Remove the loosened dirt and sail cleaner with a soft brush and plenty of water.
  8. Roll the tarp back up and soak overnight.
  9. Bring the water back to temperature by adding additional warm water
  10. Finally, rinse the sail well.
  11. Allow the sail to dry. This can possibly be done on board on a windless day.


Ultramar Sail Cleaner is not suitable for spinnaker cloth. Colored sails, UV strips, telltales may not be color stable. Try this first on a small piece of cloth.