What is a good cotton impregnation agent?

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Wat is een goed katoen impregneermiddel?

To properly impregnate cotton tent cloth, use a special impregnating agent. This way you can be sure that you really protect the tent canvas. Read here what is important.

Specially developed cotton tent impregnation agent

There are many impregnating agents for tents sold. Often no difference is made in the tent canvas to be treated. The product would then be suitable for cotton, polyester, etc.

That's strange. That doesn't work in practice either.

  • For example, a polyester thread is glad. To protect it, a different ingredient is needed than to protect a cotton thread.
  • The cotton fiber is open and rough. In order to properly impregnate the cotton fiber, the fiber must be completely filled.

Furthermore, the cotton must be impregnated all the way to the core.

It cotton impregnating agent Canvas & Cotton Protector has been specially developed for cotton tent cloth. It makes very good water-repellent and provides extra protection against fungi, dirt and green deposits.