25+ years of experience

Clean, Care, Protect

Premium maintenance products for all canvas types. Ultramar cleans and protects your boat cover, tent, convertible roof and outdoor equipment. The result? Perfectly waterproof fabric that stays clean longer and lasts longer. Guaranteed results with Ultramar!

Spotless and good as new

Outdoor life is wonderful. Do you enjoy camping, boating or driving around in your convertible? Your equipment has a lot to endure in the open air: sand, salt, atmospheric dirt, spiders, bird droppings, flies, mould, algae and other aggressive pollution all cause wear to the canvas. Our professional products make the canvas clean and waterproof again, so you can fully enjoy being outside – in all weather conditions. Want to find out more about us?
About Ultramar

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose products from Ultramar?

Ultramar has more than 25 years of experience as a professional washer for all types of outdoor fabric. Because many products did not meet our requirements, we developed our own product lines. After a while, our customers wanted to use this product themselves. Therefore, you can now have these professional quality products in your home.

Which product do I need?

At Ultramar we have a solution for every outdoor application: from cotton tents, polyester tents and convertible roofs to boat covers or other outdoor gear. On the corresponding pages you will find the products you need.

Are Ultramar products safe for my canvas?

Absolutely. Our fabric cleaners and impregnating agents have been specially developed for outdoor fabrics. The products clean and protect so that your fabric lasts longer. For some strong products we recommend trying them on a small, invisible corner first.

How do I use Ultramar products?

Our specialist products are easy to use. If you follow the recommended step-by-step procedure, you will achieve optimum results. Download the free three-step plan.

I really don't know which product I need. Can you give me some advice?