Make a jacket waterproof? Make any jacket waterproof!

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Jas waterdicht maken? Maak elke jas waterdicht!
Our Dutch climate is characterized by large amounts of rain. Most of it falls in the fall and winter, but now just as much in the spring and summer. And you have to go through that every day. A waterproof jacket is the least to keep you feeling somewhat comfortable.

Lucky for you, waterproofing a jacket is a piece of cake these days. Especially with our Outdoor Gear Protector. And the great thing is that you can use this impregnating agent for every coat you have. Not a drop comes through after the treatment.

Waterproofing jackets can come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Raincoat
  • Gore tex jas
  • softshell jacket
  • Polyester jacket
  • motorcycle suit
  • Dons jas
  • Wollenj as
  • ski time
  • cotton jacket

Impregnate jacket, breathability

It also works great on a backpack and on shoes. What is also nice is that with this Protector the breathability of your jacket remains intact. So after treatment you have a waterproof and still breathable jacket. Even under extreme conditions you stay nice and dry!

Nice and warm

If your jacket is not waterproof (anymore), you can get cold quickly and that is of course not the intention. After all, you put on a jacket to stay warm and dry. By impregnating your jacket, water no longer gets through and dirt no longer has the chance to adhere to your jacket. Did you buy a waterproof jacket, but after a while rain does get through? Then it's time to make your jacket waterproof again with the Outdoor Gear Protector. Even well-impregnated clothing often feels clammy after a while. By treating the clothing again, it feels comfortable again and can last for years to come.

Breathable jacket

It is often thought that a waterproof layer completely seals the jacket. Nothing is less true. There are small holes in the waterproof layer. They are necessary to allow perspiration to escape. If this is not possible, your jacket will feel clammy inside. The holes are often clogged by dirt. In that case you can wash your jacket and then impregnate it. A good waterproof layer will not let rain into your jacket, but will let the perspiration out.

Waterproofing jacket, anyone can do it

Waterproofing with Outdoor Gear Protector is, as mentioned, a piece of cake. Make sure the coat to be treated is clean and dry and hang it in a well-ventilated area or outside. Then use the handy bottle to spray the impregnating agent in slightly overlapping strokes on your entire jacket. Then it must dry for 24 hours.

Will you stay dry in the next shower?

Don't wait for the next downpour or drizzle and everything in between. Prevent a soaking wet and cold jacket and order our Outdoor Gear Protector now so that you can brave the rain nice and dry in a few days in a perfectly waterproof jacket that also lasts longer! And yes, it also works when it rains extremely hard.