Since 1998

About Ultramar

A convertible top or boat cover that constantly turns green or a tent with weather stains – we know how frustrating it is. That is why Ultramar has developed its own cleaning and impregnation agents.

Our goal is to help you clean and impregnate your canvas in a few simple steps. By making your equipment water and dirt repellent, you will be able to enjoy the canvas for years to come. This saves you a lot of money and prevents hassle. For this reason, we have developed a useful step-by-step plan for each product that you can use to get your canvas looking good as new again in no time.

Prevention is better than cure

Proper maintenance is half the battle. We know this because when we started out as a professional laundry for sails and tents over 25 years ago, we found that the cleaning and impregnation agents on the market at the time were not good enough. There was only one solution. We developed our own products, which do what they are supposed to: thoroughly clean and provide long-lasting protection!

We started out by developing cleaning products – the cleaner for normal dirt and the stain remover for stubborn stains. Right from the start, the products were a real hit. Sailmakers, canvas manufacturers and tent suppliers flocked to join us, but there was still something missing. Good protection against moisture and dirt is just as important as keeping the canvas clean, which is why we developed our impregnation agent. This product makes almost all canvas types perfectly waterproof and dirt repellent. The combination of cleaning and waterproofing provides optimum protection for your canvas. We have developed a clear, three-step plan to show you just how easy it is to clean and protect your fabric properly.

Trust us? Our customers certainly do. 96% recommend Ultramar!