How can I impregnate a cotton tent? Ultramar step-by-step plan

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Hoe kan ik een katoenen tent impregneren? Ultramar stappenplan

Is your cotton tent no longer waterproof? You can quickly waterproof your tent by impregnating the canvas with the Canvas & Cotton Protector.

katoenen tent impregneren

Step-by-step plan: how can I impregnate a cotton tent?

Is your cotton tent no longer waterproof? You can quickly waterproof your tent by impregnating the tent cloth with the Canvas & Cotton Protector Impregnation spray from Ultramar. 

With this quick step-by-step plan, your cotton tent cloth will be waterproof again in no time

  • Step 1. Make sure the tent cloth is clean and dry and set up your tent.
  • Step 2. Spray the dry tent cloth liberally with the impregnation spray. Make sure you distribute the impregnating agent evenly. You can use a plant sprayer, brush or brush for this.
  • Step 3. Also apply the impregnating agent to the inside of the tent cloth. If you impregnate the inside, mold and weather spots adhere less well to the cloth.
  • Step 4. Do you have an awning or a tent with windows? Then immediately remove the impregnating agent from the windows with a damp cloth.
  • Step 5. Let the tent cloth dry thoroughly.

Tips katoenen tentdoek impregneren

Tips for impregnating your cotton tent cloth

Why you should set up the tent before you start impregnating? This causes the tent cloth to stretch slightly. This way, even minuscule holes are well filled. Also don't forget to take hard-to-reach corners and seams with you.

Good to know: the Canvas & Cotton Protector can initially leave a white haze or white spots. This is excess impregnating agent. You don't need to delete this, it will disappear by itself. Then you will no longer see this.

You can use Ultramar's impregnating spray to waterproof the following cotton tent fabrics: 

  • Trailer tent
  • group tent
  • Pyramid
  • Tipitent
  • lifting roof
  • Bungalowtent

From Canvas & Cotton Protector is suitable for all brands of cotton tents, including:

  • Esvo Tent
  • The Worth
  • Canvas Camp
  • Obelink
  • Outwell
  • Aart Kok
  • Cottage
  • Camp-let
  • Combi-Camp
  • Holtkamper