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Impregneerspray bank kopen? - Tips & Advies
How to impregnate furniture with spray? Of course you are aware of the existence of various impregnating sprays. They keep your sofa or other furniture beautiful and in good condition for longer. However, the knowledge of many Dutch people does not extend much further than that. How exactly should you inject a sofa? Which product do you need to keep your upholstered furniture in top condition? And how exactly should this product be used? We explain it in this blog.

Impregnate a sofa or chairs preventively, to keep the material in good condition and to prevent dirt and stains. With Outdoor Gear Protector we offer a versatile product that is safe and easy to use. It has many applications, in addition to impregnating furniture or a sofa. It is best to use a specialized cleaning product to remove existing stains.

Why impregnate sofa?

You may know from experience how difficult it is to remove stains from upholstered furniture. Textiles act like a sponge on liquids. By soaking in liquids, stains remain visible, even after cleaning. And even if you are very careful with your furniture, incident sunlight will discolour textiles.

Regular protection with impregnating products intended for this purpose prevents many of these problems. Liquids and the sun have less influence on your furniture. As a result, a stain can often still be easily removed when it occurs. Impregnation spray prevents dirt and moisture from adhering well to your sofa. As a result, a stain is often completely invisible as soon as it has dried.

Impregnate sofa yourself

Do you want to prevent dirt and stains and make your sofa dirt-repellent? Impregnation of a sofa yourself is relatively easy with a product such as Outdoor Gear Protector. First of all you need to have the bank empty and clean. Cleaning the sofa, even with a designated product, is an accurate job. Wipe with a cleaning agent should be done with care, especially on a fabric sofa. Cleaning too roughly will cause wear on the sofa.

Have you cleaned the couch? Then you can protect the sofa against stains with the spray. To do this, you must spray the sofa with a strong "furniture impregnation spray". The exact application differs per product – so read the label carefully – but usually the spray must be sprayed onto the bench to be impregnated. Optionally, you can also use a brush by brush to apply the product evenly.

When spraying the sofa, keep the aerosol upright and keep it as far as possible at the same distance from the surface of your sofa. This guarantees an even application of the sofa protector. Also ensure adequate ventilation. Most sprays are not directly harmful to humans, but you probably don't want to leave the air hanging for long. It is also important that you do not use the sofa for a while. Outdoor Gear Protector and similar products must be allowed to soak in and dry to work properly.

How does the dirt-repellent spray bank work?

Sprays that protect your sofa and other fabric furniture against dirt and stains, form a layer over the textile with which your sofa is covered. This layer is moisture and dirt repellent, so that dirt adheres less well and stains occur less quickly.

That is why waterproofing tents and jackets (actually making them repellent) is also a common application of such sprays.

Outdoor Gear Protector has even been developed for making outdoor clothing, boat covers and tents moisture and dirt repellent. And therefore perfectly suitable for protecting furniture.

Furniture impregnation spray is, however, not always interchangeable with products that are specifically intended for jackets and/or tents. It is wise to carefully consider the application possibilities of a spray before purchasing it.

With Outdoor Gear Protector you don't have to think about that for long. This spray is suitable for:

  • motorcycle clothing
  • sailing clothes
  • outdoorkleding
  • backpack
  • shoes
  • furniture of fabric, leather or skai
  • sleeping bag
  • car upholstery

Or other products with the surface material:

  • Gore-Tex®
  • Sympatex®
  • soft shell
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Skai
  • Vinyl
  • Manager

Impregnate sofa against oil and grease

The moisture-repellent effect of the product is not limited to water or other water-based liquids. The repellent effect of Outdoor Gear Protector also helps prevent oil and grease stains. These stains are so stubborn, precisely because grease can penetrate the material.

With a sofa that has not been impregnated, grease stains can hardly be removed permanently. It remains important to prevent these as much as possible and to treat grease stains with a special cleaning agent if necessary. Also keep in mind whether the product can be used on textiles. It is a shame if a cleaning agent causes more damage than it solves.

Impregnating spray bank: variants

Until now we have assumed that the sofa to be impregnated is upholstered with textile. Impregnation of a fabric sofa is different from a leather sofa. Especially because the function of the sofa spray is essentially different with a leather sofa. On a leather sofa you normally use a special product for leather. This serves not only to protect the sofa, but also to keep it smooth and beautiful.

Outdoor Gear Protector is not just an impregnation spray for fabric sofas and furniture. Leather furniture and surfaces can also be treated with it.

Buy a strong impregnating spray for your sofa? Order Outdoor Gear Protector before 10 p.m. Then you will have it at home tomorrow!