Do I have to impregnate a new boat cover?

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Moet ik een nieuwe bootkap impregneren?

Hell yes! It is actually very good to immediately provide extra protection for a new boat cover. Why wait for the canvas to get dirty first? Prevention is better than cure!

This is why you should also protect a new boat cover with a strong impregnating agent!

The fabric of your new boat cover is protected by the manufacturer. The cloth is treated with a coating that should protect the cloth against dirt, mould, green deposits and everything that gets on the canvas.

Unfortunately, UV radiation affects this coating quickly. In many cases, the protection disappears completely after 1 sailing season. (That is why your boat cover can already be dirty after 1 season due to green deposits, rain stripes, etc.)

This is how you protect the new boat cover

  1. Protect your new boat cover immediately with a strong impregnating agent. In this way you give the cloth and the original coating an extra protection
  2. Then clean the boat cover once a month with lukewarm water and a soft brush. This means that dirt adheres less quickly to the cloth.
  3. Impregnate your boat cover at least once a year with a strong impregnating agent. This keeps the cloth clean for longer.


People often spend a lot of money on cleaning a boat cover. Because the dirt is so deep and stuck in the cloth. Sometimes people buy a new boat cover because the old one is so dirty and worn. You can put that money to better use by protecting more often.

  • Your boat cover stays clean longer. That's more fun to watch.
  • Your boat cover will last longer. The coating wears less quickly.

Enjoy a nice boat with a clean boat cover. Order your impregnating agent before 10 p.m. and we will ship today.