Stain remover instructions for use

Ultramar’s Power Cleaner removes stubborn stains and ingrained dirt from your tent canvas. How to use this intensive cleaning product:

  1. Apply the Power Cleaner to the dry tent canvas. Brush the cleaning agent into the canvas using a soft brush.
  2. Leave the Power Cleaner to soak in for approximately 1 hour.
  3. Don’t notice any change? Use extra Power Cleaner, brush it in and leave it to soak in again. Repeat these steps until the stains have disappeared. This may take several hours.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the result, rinse the tent thoroughly with clean water.
  5. Allow the tent canvas to dry completely before storing it.


After use, treat with a strong impregnating agent to waterproof and protect the fabric.

Power Cleaner is a super strong cloth cleaner. You can use Power Cleaner on almost any fabric. Always test on a small inconspicuous piece of fabric first. On some tent fabrics, especially cotton and canvas, Power Cleaner can have a slight bleaching effect.