9 Tips for using a good impregnating agent

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9 Tips voor gebruik van een goed impregneermiddel
Impregnation is a preventive treatment against dirt and water, among other things, and can be applied to all kinds of objects.

Do you also find it such a shame if your belongings soon no longer look like new? You can be as careful with your convertible top, with your new sofa or with the carpet, but an accident is just around the corner. A stain is thus made.

It often happens that a stain cannot be removed properly. Or you can remove the dirt, but after all the polishing, your furniture will soon look less beautiful. A good option is therefore to opt for impregnation.

What is impregnation?

Impregnation is actually a preventive treatment against dirt, water and anything that can get on that surface.

A special liquid ensures that dirt cannot adhere to the fibers of your carpet, your sofa, your clothing or the cloth of your convertible top. The dirt does not penetrate the fibres, but rather remains on them, as it were. This makes it easier to clean the furniture or your other belongings. You will not notice that your furniture has been impregnated. It is not that you see a separate layer or that you smell it.

What qualifies for impregnation?

Why should you impregnate your sofa?

One of the pieces of furniture that certainly qualifies for treatment with an impregnation spray is a sofa. As a result, you spend less time maintaining your sofa and the piece of furniture will last for years longer.

Impregnation agents make your sofa water-repellent and dirt-repellent. In addition, the piece of furniture is also better protected against UV light. When you buy a sofa, it is in many cases not yet impregnated. If you unexpectedly spill and coffee or wine ends up on the sofa, it will soak into the fabric of your sofa. However, if the sofa has been impregnated, the liquid remains on the sofa and you can easily remove it. It is very important that you never rub, but that you gently dab the dirt or liquid. If you start rubbing, you can accidentally remove the impregnating agent.

What are the advantages of impregnating a sofa?

  • Your sofa is resistant to water and grease stains.
  • The sofa is very easy to clean.
  • Your sofa is much better protected.
  • Because there are no stains in the sofa, it looks like new for longer.
  • Your sofa is dirt-resistant.

Impregnate boat cover

If you want to keep your boat beautiful for a long time, then definitely choose to impregnate your boat cover extra. After impregnation, the boat cover is protected against dirt and water and looks clearly more beautiful and newer.

What does impregnating agent protect against, among other things:

  • Salty
  • Polluted water
  • Green attack
  • Black attack
  • Mold
  • Weather spots
  • Insects and bird droppings

Impregnation of the hood is easy to do yourself and a job that is done in no time.

Impregnate mosquito net

There is a good chance that you also have a mosquito net somewhere in your house. It may even be a utensil that you use frequently. Or do you like to take the mosquito net with you on holiday? While sailing or camping? A mosquito net works great if you don't want to be disturbed at night by annoying mosquitoes or other annoying insects.

Did you know that you can also impregnate the mosquito net? You will notice that you will have even less problems with pests afterwards. The reason for this?

  • Impregnation of the mosquito net with a chemical offers better protection against mosquitoes, flies, bugs, ticks and other vermin.
  • Even if you lie against the mosquito net, the chance that you will be stung is very small.
  • Mosquito nets are impregnated with permethrin. This substance is harmless to humans, but keeps insects at bay.

In practice, it appears that it is necessary to impregnate the mosquito net every few years. The active ingredient becomes less after about 5 years.

If you have a good quality mosquito net and you think it is important that it lasts a long time and that it is effective, impregnation is certainly a good option.

How does it work?

  • Dissolve the permethrin in water. Read the instructions for use for the quantities.
  • Submerge the mosquito net in the liquid.
  • Make sure the entire mosquito net is soaked.
  • If you let the mosquito net dry, do not hang it. The liquid is then unevenly distributed over the mosquito net. However, put the net to dry on, for example, a large piece of plastic or a cut open garbage bag.

Impregnate convertible roof

Do you also love driving a car with an open roof? You know the feeling of freedom that a convertible can give? If you regularly drive a car without a roof, you know that sometimes things can go wrong. Sometimes it rains unexpectedly. You will probably manage to stay dry yourself, but the convertible roof sometimes gets a little rain on its roof.

I therefore advise you to impregnate your convertible roof. The benefits of that?

  • You stay dry, because the roof is absolutely waterproof after impregnation.
  • You extend the life of the roof.
  • Impregnation agents have a dirt-repellent effect, so that the cloth remains beautiful for longer.
  • You have less chance of mold on the convertible roof.
cabriodak impregneermiddel

How often do you impregnate the convertible roof?

The answer I'm giving now is not the same for everyone. How often do you drive your convertible? Do you regularly clean the roof? Do you rarely park your car under a tree? Do you avoid car washes? If you can answer in the affirmative to all these questions, impregnation is less necessary. However, I would still recommend you every year.

How does it work?

  • First clean the convertible top completely and make sure it is dry.
  • Use impregnation spray and make sure that the entire convertible cloth is saturated. In other words, don't be too frugal.
  • It is important to also treat the inside of the cloth.
  • Finally, let the roof dry and you can repeat the treatment if necessary.

Impregnate clothing

If you have a jacket that you love to wear, but it is no longer waterproof, you don't have to discard it yet! Impregnation of clothing can breathe new life into your jacket or other garment.

What are the benefits of impregnating clothing?

  • It makes your clothes waterproof.
  • The clothing is more comfortable to wear after impregnation.
  • Makes your clothes dirt-resistant.
  • Your clothes are less sensitive to discoloration.

Before you impregnate a jacket, pants or other piece of clothing, it must be completely clean. Also, the clothing must be dry before treating it.

Impregnate ski clothing

Ski clothing is also certainly eligible for treatment with an impregnating agent.

Often the clothes are already impregnated when you buy them new. If you treat the ski clothing again with impregnating agents, the clothing will remain waterproof for longer.

If you buy the clothes second-hand, it is definitely recommended to treat the pants and/or jacket before you put on the skis. Especially when you notice that the clothing feels clammy after wearing it for a short while, a treatment is absolutely necessary. It is possible that the clothing is dirty, causing the membrane to become clogged. You can solve this by washing the clothes thoroughly.

Skl-kleding waterdicht maken

If the ski clothing still feels damp and clammy afterwards, there is a good chance that the water-repellent layer has worn out. By means of impregnation, this problem is solved in no time and you can enjoy your clothing for years to come during the winter sports holiday.

Just as clear for you at a glance: the advantages of impregnating ski clothing:

  • The clothing is waterproof.
  • The clothing is more comfortable to wear after impregnation.
  • Makes your clothes dirt-resistant.
  • Your clothes are less sensitive to discoloration.

You wonder how it works? Well, a kid can do the laundry because it's as simple as that:

  1. Clean the clothes.
  2. Spray a thin layer of the product on your clothing.
  3. Do this preferably from top to bottom and from left to right.
  4. Let the ski clothes dry.

Impregnate garden cushion

Garden cushions are ideally suited for impregnation. It is best to do this every year. That way, your cushions remain waterproof and dirt-resistant. Whether it concerns new, old or second-hand cushions, impregnation is always good. I would of course be happy to tell you why:

  • The cushions are now easier to clean.
  • The impregnation is water-repellent.
  • The cushions are less sensitive to discoloration due to sunlight.
  • The cushions are less sensitive to annoying and unsightly weather stains.

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Impregnate carpet

Especially when you have a family with young children, food and drink are regularly tampered with. If you have a nice carpet by the coffee table, stains will regularly appear on it.

This is simply unavoidable. To keep your carpet nice and clean for longer, you can impregnate the carpet. This can be done by a company, but there are also impregnating agents for sale so that you can carry out the treatment yourself.

Impregnate sunscreen

There are few products that suffer as much from the sun as awnings. Logical of course, because the job of an awning is to protect you from the sunlight. However, it is nice if your awning lasts as long as possible.

You will certainly find it just as beautiful when the awning retains its original color. Impregnation of a sunscreen is therefore a good treatment.

Another advantage of impregnating a sunscreen is that the screen is now absolutely waterproof.

Impregnate camping equipment

Your camping equipment often has to endure a lot. A holiday doesn't go by quickly without getting a shower on your tent roof.

It is also very easy to get stains on your tent canvas or on other items of your camping equipment.

Impregnation of the tent will help you with this. Use a suitable product for your camping equipment and you will enjoy your camping gear for longer.

Think, for example, of impregnating a backpack, a sleeping bag or hiking boots.

Kampeeruitrusting impregneren

Impregnate backpack

Nowadays a backpack is super popular. Just look on the street.

Everyone walks with a backpack. From the over 60s to toddlers on their way to school.

By impregnating a backpack, it stays clean for longer and is much more waterproof.

Impregnating agent exterior wall

I mentioned many consumables that are eligible for impregnation. But you can also impregnate the outside wall or wood, for example. I will mention a few more things that might be an eye opener for you and who knows, maybe you can profit from it:

  • Impregnation of wood: impregnation of wood is highly recommended, especially for garden furniture.
  • Impregnate cardboard.
  • Impregnate car upholstery.
  • Impregnate stroller.
  • Teak impregnation.