Cleaning Sunshade - Best Tips & Advice

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Zonnescherm schoonmaken - Beste Tips & Advies
Cleaning your awning regularly will extend its life. In this article I will tell you everything about cleaning blinds.

Cleaning a blinds thoroughly is really such a chore to put off. However, a cleaned awning is a joy to look at. Benefit from useful tips and advice. You can read everything about cleaning sunshades step by step. By regularly cleaning the cloth, you extend its life. In addition, you can enjoy beautiful sun protection. Let the summer come again.

Cleaning sunshade

It is high time to clean sun protection. Is that also the case with you? Then you are certainly not alone. Cleaning awnings thoroughly and regularly is not a hobby for most people. How do you handle this? Use a handy step-by-step plan. Then you know exactly what you need. In addition, you will read step by step what to do. Cleaning the blinds is now an easy job. Read the handy tips.

Sunshade cleaning tips

Below you will find a number of indispensable tips for cleaning awning cloth. An important question: when do you clean the awning?

When to clean sunscreen

In itself, you can almost always clean awnings. Still, spring is the best time. Winter really puts a damper on the canvas. Think of rain and wind. Before that you had the summer. Even then a lot of dirt will get on your awning. Therefore, spring is ideal if you want to clean the canvas. Which day do you choose?

  • cloudy day
  • No rain
  • In the morning or the afternoon
  • Not in the bright sunlight

Type of cloth

Can the cloth come off? Then you have a big advantage. Then you don't have to twist yourself in a thousand turns. Maybe the cloth can't come off? Even then, the step-by-step plan is ideal. You should always unfold the screen completely.

Professional sunscreen cleaner

What will you use to clean your sunscreen? That is not an insignificant question. Before purchasing your screen, you dug deep into your pockets. Do not destroy the cloth by using aggressive cleaning agents. However stubborn the stains are, do not use those products. Choose a professional sunscreen cleaner. But what about stubborn stains such as green deposits? Will they disappear with that? Isn't soda better?

Green deposit sunshade

Are you looking for information about cleaning sunscreen green deposits? Are you all done with that green attack? How ugly it looks. Do you want the best solution? Then impregnate the cloth. This way you prevent new attacks. Do you see green deposits again? After an impregnation treatment, lukewarm water is sufficient to remove it again. You don't even need a sun protection cleaner. Some tips regarding green deposits:

  • Good protection makes dirt adhere less well
  • Dirt immediately retains more moisture
  • Dark spots ideal for green deposits
  • Green deposit retains extra moisture
  • One thing leads to another, so intervention in time is necessary
  • Impregnation provides excellent protection against green deposits

Mold blinds

How ugly is mold on your blinds. When you visit someone else, mold is often immediately noticeable. All the more reason to remove this thoroughly. Prevention is and remains the best cure. You do this by impregnating properly. Never and never roll up the cloth when wet. That is asking for mold. After an impregnation treatment, the chance of mold is nil. Will it bother you again? You can easily remove it with lukewarm water and a brush or cloth.

How to clean sunshade cloth

When cleaning the awning, a number of steps can always be distinguished. Once again, we recommend that you request the handy and complete step-by-step plan. This is free. And you will receive it when you send an email. How do you clean your sunshade cloth?

1. Roll out the canvas

Try not to forget a single spot. It is important that you take every corner with you. Clean the top and bottom.

2. Cleaning cloth

Perhaps there are also bars, frames or awnings. You clean it with a little lukewarm water. Add a little bit of soap if needed. Take a soft brush or cloth. You can remove most stains this way. Initially, you can also only use water for the cloth. Especially when your cloth is impregnated, you will get rid of almost all the dirt.

3. Dry up

It is important to let the cloth dry completely first. Only then turn the fabric or sunshade back up.

Waterproof sunshade

Would you like to make your awning waterproof? Then it is necessary to impregnate it. This offers you many advantages.

  • Waterproof awnings last much longer
  • Dirt, deposits and mold adhere less easily to the fabric
  • If you don't impregnate, mold will eventually affect the awning

Cleaning and impregnating the sunscreen cloth

How does impregnating awnings work?

  • Always clean the screen first
  • Let it dry well
  • Apply impregnating agent in an even manner
  • Also treat the inside of the cloth
  • Let it dry well
  • Repeat the treatment if necessary

Step-by-step plan for cleaning awning cloth

Are you interested in the handy step-by-step plan? This helps you excellently when cleaning the sun protection. From now on you don't have to worry about it anymore. You pick up the free step-by-step plan and the rest speaks for itself.

Cleaning sunscreen with soda

Does your neighbor always clean everything with soda? In the bathroom, that may not be a problem. However, do not use soda for your sun cloths. It may seem like such a useful product, but I strongly advise against it. Green soap and soda leave a greasy layer on your cloth. Fungi and algae don't mind at all. They attach great importance to that. Obviously that's not what you want.

Never clean sunscreen green soap

There are always people who clean their sunscreens with green soap. That is very unfortunate. Of your time and also of your canvas. You will have to clean again soon. Algae and fungi attach themselves to the greasy layer that is left behind by this soap. Green soap is a great product, but not suitable for cleaning sunscreens.

Sunshade maintenance

Is there much-needed maintenance? What's on the screen? A screen that has not been maintained for a long time often causes:

  • Dust and sand, after long neglect also something or a lot attached to the canvas
  • Fatty deposits due to soot and exhaust gases
  • Algae, mosses and leak marks
  • bird pop
  • fungi

Do you think there's no saving it? Use our handy step-by-step plan. Even stubborn stains can be removed.

Sunscreen Impregnating Agent

If your cloth is completely clean, use a professional impregnating agent. Then you can go ahead with your sun protection for years to come. Is there dirt present? Just use a little water and you'll get the dirt out in no time.

Have your sunscreen cleaned

Do you think you will never get the canvas clean again? Of course you can also take it away and have it professionally cleaned. The screen will then receive a thorough treatment.

Sunshade cleaning costs

If you want to know what the costs are, request a quote. In any case, it will cost you less than if you had to order a new awning.