Buy and install a bimini top? 25 tips!

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Biminitop kopen en monteren? 25 tips!
A bimini top provides protection from the sun. Choose the right bimini top and assemble it yourself.

Do you have a boat? And are you looking for good sun protection? Then a bimini top can be very useful. In this blog you will read everything you need to know before buying or assembling a bimini top.

A sunroof for your boat

A bimini can also be described as a sunroof for the boat. People burn quickly on the water. That is why a roof over your head is very effective to prevent sunlight, and therefore combustion.

Tip 1: Biminitop boat against burning

Fern lovers often get the jitters again at the beginning of spring. Of course there are more than enough people who sail all year round, but the summer months are the months when most people make a lot of use of their boat.

If you are planning to spend a lot of time on the water again, it can't hurt to think about a bimini top boat. Or maybe you already have one and want more information?

In recent years, we have been reading more and more about the harmful effects of the sun in the media. People who spend a lot of time on the water run the risk of getting burned quickly. Good protection is therefore of the utmost importance. There are several ways you can do this.

  1. Apply well.
  2. Not in the sun during the hottest times of the day.
  3. Opt for a spray hood.
  4. Bring a good umbrella. The big advantage of a parasol is that it is easy to carry and that you have set it up like that. A major drawback, however, is its vulnerability. With a little too much wind, you will experience more inconvenience from the parasol than convenience.
  5. Put on a cap or hat.
  6. Buy a boat cover. Perhaps this is the best solution. A good sailmaker can make it so that it can be zipped all the way around. So you can choose whether you want to sit in or out of the sun. Another big advantage is that you are sheltered and dry when it rains.

More about sunscreen


Tip 2: Buy a bimini top?

Are you convinced of the advantages of a good boat cover and would you like to buy a bimini top?

Then make your profit with the tips below:

  1. Look carefully at the size of your boat. It can be difficult to buy a standard bimini top. It is often necessary to have a hood made to measure. There are several shops where you can have this done. Please provide the measurements as accurately as possible to avoid problems. Even better...go to a sailmaker!
  2. Choose a color that matches well with your boat.
  3. Choose a model that matches the look of your boat.
  4. Which frame do you take? Aluminium of plastic? Most people choose aluminum.
  5. Take the speed of your boat into account and pass this on when you have a boat cover made.
  6. Inquire how long the cloth will last. Do you want to buy a new one after 5 years or do you think it is important that it lasts longer?
  7. How long is the warranty on the bimini?
  8. Think carefully about how important quality is to you. If you only intend to use the boat and the hood for a few seasons, you could opt for a somewhat cheaper model. However, if you want to enjoy the bimini longer, do not skimp on the purchase of this. In the end, cheap is often expensive. Quality certainly pays for itself with a bimini.
  9. Try to find a bimini top offer.

Tip 3: Different types of bimini tops

Because there are many different boats, there are also many different tops. For example, we can distinguish between a 2-arm or 3-arm bimini.

If you take a 3-arms, then you no longer have to be afraid to go sailing when the wind blows hard. This one is particularly sturdy.

Nautic Star

Some common tops are:

  1. Nauticstar. This bimini is made of an aluminum frame and absolutely corrosion resistant. The fabric is made of polyester and UV-resistant polyester. Because this top has three arms, it is no problem to sail when there is a lot of wind. You really don't have to worry that this sturdy top will flap.
  2. Talamex. The cloth is made of polyester and UV-resistant polyester. Because this top has three arms, it is no problem to sail when there is a lot of wind. You really don't have to worry that this sturdy top will flap. This top is already available for a fairly cheap price. This can be an advantage if you are not yet sure whether you will be using a bimini a lot. It is also made of an aluminum frame and is UV resistant. You don't have to be particularly handy, because the assembly is pretty self-explanatory. It is also made of an aluminum frame and is UV resistant. You don't have to be particularly handy, because the assembly is pretty self-explanatory.

In addition to the bimini itself, you usually also need a number of bimini top accessories. For example, you can think of items such as:

  1. center piece. This center piece is indispensable for a hinged attachment of an end piece to the deck.
  2. Cover plate. A cover plate is used for a hinged attachment of the end piece to the deck.
  3. Cover plate with pin. It is also suitable for a hinged attachment of the end piece to the deck. Since the mounting pin is removable, operation is slightly easier.
  4. End piece. This is also really an indispensable item when we talk about boat cover parts. You probably need several of these. The end piece makes a hinged attachment of pipes to each other or of a pipe to the deck.
  5. wall plate. The name actually says it a bit. The wall plate is intended for a hinged attachment of an end piece to a wall.
  6. support posts. The support posts can sometimes be useful when the bimini is folded. These support posts then keep the top upright at an angle. That way it won't get in the way, but you can easily walk under it. These posts actually replace the rear tension straps.

Tip 4: Mount a bimini top

Assembling a bimini is easy to do yourself. You don't even need to be a very experienced handyman for this. Do you want to know for sure? Then visit a good sailmaker. The sailmaker can tell you everything about the possibilities. About the best frame, a good canvas and above all which construction is best. It doesn't even have to be that expensive. If you still can't figure it out, it can also be very useful to consult Biminitop Youtube.

Tip 5: Watch Biminitop Youtube

If you find it difficult to assemble it yourself or if you run into problems, you could take a look on YouTube. There you will find various videos on which you can follow very accurately how mounting the bimini works.

Tip 6: How do you mount the bimini top on your boat?

First of all, it is necessary that you have all the necessary parts. In addition, you will need some screws and some tools. What do you then do with the supplied parts? Let me tell you something about the bimini top mounting material:

  1. The middle piece connects to an end piece.
  2. The end piece is attached to the end of the tube.
  3. The cover plate is screwed onto the gangway. You can attach an end piece to this.
  4. The bracket is mounted on the gangway or on the deck. You can attach a tension strap to this.

I am happy to help you to make mounting the bimini a lot easier. If you follow the next steps, you should be fine with the assembly. Good luck.

Just for information: biminitop hardware is another name for biminitop parts.

And just before: This description fits the assembly of a top that has three arches. Do you have more or less? Then you will of course have to adjust the description slightly.

In addition, it is very easy if someone can help you. Even if it's just to indicate parts or to hold a tube or something like that.

If you follow the description carefully, you can finish the assembly in about three hours.

  1. Slide a center piece over each long tube. The screws must be on the inside. It is best not to fasten them at this point.
  2. Install an end piece on all middle pieces. This is self-explanatory and very simple.
  3. First check whether the Allen screws are pointing downwards. This is important.
  4. Now put the medium bow in the lower end pieces of the long bow.
  5. At this point you can tighten the Allen screws of the end pieces. Tighten them well.
  6. The center pieces can now be moved so that the tops and the bends are flush. If so, you can tighten them all the way.
  7. You can now do the same with the short bow and the top end pieces.
  8. Now, on your boat, see where you want the top to be when it's lowered. This is where you lay the frame. Place the ends of the legs next to the place where the cover plates will be placed.
  9. Before continuing, check if this is really the right place. It would be a shame if it turns out that the driver of the boat is still suffering from the sun.
  10. Mount the cover plates on the gangways. Screw the end pieces into the cover plates and insert the ends of the arches into the end pieces. It speaks for itself.
  11. Now it is important that you make sure that the tension straps do not form an M together with the frame. This would mean that the top hardly gets any tension. However, if you see an inverted W, then it's absolutely perfect.
  12. Now place the tubes on the back of the gangways. Make sure that the bimini does not protrude anywhere outside the boat.
  13. Lay the cloth of the bimini over the tubes. Pull it over the frame and close the zippers.
  14. Fasten the straps and pull them tight.
  15. Now you can pull the bimini up.
  16. Finally, tighten the tension straps and you're done.

You may think: nice that I now know how the assembly works, but which model is the best to buy? Well, that depends on various factors. In the first place also of the type of boat you have.

Tip 7: Bimini top for fishing boat

Many fishermen have a Kolibri dinghy. A Kolibri bimini is ideal for these types of dinghies. The frame is made of stainless material and another advantage is that you do not have to worry that the bimini will rot.

The top provides shade on the entire boat and is also ideal for protecting against too much wind. You will also not be bothered by dust or splash water.

The top is quite easy to assemble. You do this by using the supplied tension straps. Use these four sturdy black straps to secure the top to the front and back of the boat. The big advantage of these sturdy tires is that you can also sail when there is a lot of wind. The top will not flap and remains absolutely stable.

Tip 8: Good quality

If you are already sure that you will be using a bimini a lot, I would definitely recommend that you look for and buy one of good quality. This can really increase the fun and convenience while boating. There are also bimini tops for sale that are so broken or that flap and move a lot while there is hardly a breath of wind.

Do you want to make really long trips and do you have a large sailing boat, for example, then have one made to measure. Of course it is then necessary that you come by with the ship, so that everything can be manufactured exactly to size. Or the sailmaker will come to your berth. First of all, the frame is usually made. This is best done with stainless steel pipes. If the fittings and feet are also made of stainless steel, you can be sure that the whole will be particularly sturdy and strong. A stainless steel Biminitop frame is highly recommended.

Tip 9: Folding your bimini top

Folding in and out is something that should be fairly easy with a bimini. Usually the front bracket folds against the rear. The rear bracket is then held upright by two so-called support pipes. In this way, the top also remains upright when folded. If the front and the back both have tension straps, you can also choose to adjust the top diagonally forwards or backwards.

Tip 10: Bimini top dinghy

It can also be useful for a dinghy to use a bimini. With these types of boats you attach the top in a special way. You do this by using special feet. These are glued to the tube of your boat. This may seem a bit complicated at first, but I can assure you that this is a job that is done in no time.

First you attach the pedestals and the bimini can then be mounted on them. If you find this useful, you can also use bases with an eye or with universal screw thread. Then the top can be fastened using a tension strap or a line.

Tip 11: Types of biminis for a dinghy

If you are looking for a top for a dinghy, you can choose for example:

Aquaparx 230 Bimini

This is available in the color black. An ideal model if you are in possession of an Aquaparx 230. This top is very easy and quick to assemble and gives your dinghy an extra cool look.

Aquaparx 330 Bimini

It is also available in the color black. A big advantage of this model is that it is very easy to attach and protects very well against sun, rain or wind.

Aquaparx Fisherpro 260 Biminitop Camouflage

This is an ideal top if you like to go fishing with your boat. It offers more than sufficient protection against rain, sun and wind. This way you can also go fishing on a rainy day.

Aquaparx Fisherpro 260 Biminitop

You can also purchase this model in black. This top is ideal to use on a carp boat. If you want to fish during a rainy day, this bimini offers a solution. Even when you are looking for shade while fishing, you can use this handy bimini. A big advantage is that you can continue to operate the outboard motor. Even when the top is set up. That has been thought about.

Tip 12: Parts at biminitop dinghy

To properly attach the top to your boat, you can use:

  1. Rubbervoet. You can attach these to almost any place on your dinghy. It just depends on where you are looking for shade or shelter. In this way you can easily create an attachment point for the bimini.
  2. Nylon pin. This pin is necessary to use in combination with the rubber foot. You simply insert the pin into the foot. At the top of the pin you will see a notch, a kind of fitting, to which the bimini can be attached.

Tip 13: The well-known Jobe bimini top and Quicksilver bimini top

When we talk about bimini tops, we can certainly not skip the Jjobe bimini top. The tops can be supplied in various sizes, so that there is always a top that fits perfectly on your boat.

Another well-known brand is Quicksilver. Find a good quality Quicksilver bimini top here. More information about biminitop prices can be found on the websites.

Jobe biminitops - Quicksilver dealers

Tip 14: Cloths Jobe bimini tops

These cloths are made of Nylon. You can also opt for Sunbrella cloth. The latter is a cloth that is often used for boat covers. The quality is very good. In addition, Sunbrella cloth is also easy to keep clean.

Tip 15: Bimini top for your sloop

A bimini top for your sloop is also a good option. I wouldn't buy a standard bimini for this. It is better to go to your sloop dealer. Or have a bimini or boat cover made by a good sailmaker.

Biminitop sloep

Tip 16: Biminitop Glastron

Are you the proud owner of a Glastron and looking for a bimini top? Glastron has standard boat covers and biminis. You can easily purchase these through the Glastron dealer. Because these types of boats can reach a high speed, it is important to ensure quality.

Tip 17: Good cloth is important

Of course, the canvas is very important when we talk about a bimini. After all, this is the part that should catch the most sunlight, dirt and water. I would like to introduce you to a number of canvases, so that you have a clear idea of what to pay attention to. Which cloths are often used?


This cloth is waterproof and in most cases lasts about 5 years. Made of PVC.


This cloth is absolutely waterproof and can last about 15 to 20 years, especially with good maintenance. This is an investment, but then you know for sure that you will enjoy the boat cover for a long time. The fabric itself is UV resistant with a lightfastness of about 7 or 8. The fabric is coated on one side and made of high quality acrylic.


This cloth looks beautiful. This type of cloth usually lasts about 10 years. The canvas is waterproof and made of impregnated acrylic.

rec system

With this cloth, the fabric is coated on one side. The canvas is waterproof and lasts about 10 years on average. Manufactured from coated acrylic.


As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the better cloth types/brands. With a little maintenance it will last a long time. It has a beautiful luxurious look and is available in many colors. The fabric itself is also highly resistant to harmful UV radiation.

Tip 18: Size bimini

When you order a bimini, it is very important that you know exactly which sizes you need. It can be difficult to determine exactly which dimensions are best. I am therefore happy to help you on your way.

If you have a motorboat, you are ready to measure fairly quickly. Once you know the width, length, and height, you're done. What is the best way to measure this on a motorboat?

  1. Measure the width. For this you look at the distance between the hinge points. The hinge points can be on the inside of the gangway or on top of the gangway.
  2. Measure the length. The pivot point is also very important for this. The most common sizes of the biminis are 120,180 and 240 cm.
  3. Measure the height. Very important at this point is that you keep the following in mind: the lower the bimini is, the more shade you will have. On the other hand, a slightly lower top does mean that there is a little less room to move. So take a good look at what weighs the most for you. If you like a lot of room to move, choose a slightly higher top. If you are going to measure the height, stand in the boat and measure the distance from where the pivot points come, to a little bit above your head.

Tip 19: Bimini top made to measure

If you really want a good boat cover, then having it custom made is actually the best solution. There are many sailmakers where you can go to have a bimini top made. A custom bimini top is certainly an asset to your boat.

Tip 20: You can also make your own bimini top

If you are very handy, you could make a boat cover yourself. I would like to refer you to YouTube for all kinds of handy instructional videos. Making a bimini top yourself is certainly an option that way.

Tip 21: Even more Tips

A number of things are nice to take into account when you want to buy a bimini. This includes:

  1. Provide exact measurements when you have one made.
  2. Choose a color that matches your boat nicely.
  3. Check in advance whether the whole is colorfast.
  4. Buy an extra winter cover.
  5. Zippers on the tubes are practical when assembling and disassembling.
  6. If you opt for aluminum, you should take into account that the top will wobble a little more. Stainless steel is therefore often a better alternative.
  7. Make sure that it is possible to stand under the top.
  8. Are you opting for a cheap bimini top? Keep in mind that the quality may be less.
  9. A bimini top is also regularly for sale on Marktplaats.

Tip 22: Cover for bimini top

When you purchase a boat cover, do you also think about the cover for bimini? This is very important to properly store the bimini. The covers are often available in different colors and often made of the same fabric as the bimini itself. When purchasing a cover, pay close attention to the zipper. It is important that it is strong and therefore of good quality.

Tip 23: Maintain bimini top

Would maintenance really be necessary, you might think? Hell yes! On the water there is a lot going on for your belongings. How about sun, sand, polluted water and dust? And don't forget...bird droppings, flies, mosquitoes and other insects. So maintenance is very important.

Tip 24: Cleaning your bimini top

Cleaning is not a luxury. Atmospheric dirt, bird droppings, spiders and other debris should be removed regularly. If you do this regularly, you will notice that the dirt is less likely to adhere to the bimini.

It is therefore also good to provide protection against dirt. This can be done very well by means of impregnation. This is best done immediately when you have purchased a bimini. The longer it will last. That way you have much less chance of algae and fungi and the top also looks like new for longer. This is also not unimportant, because the eye also wants something.

There are various types of shampoos and sprays for sale with which you can ensure good maintenance. And therefore for a longer life of the material. Just search on Google Bootkap shampoo

Tip 25: Impregnate Biminitop

Impregnation of your boat cover is of great importance. This way you can prevent leakage, mold and algae growth.

If you buy a new boat cover, make sure that you start impregnating immediately. I can assure you that this will definitely improve the longevity. Please read this. You can also enjoy a bimini longer in this way. A clean bimini top is really nicer on your boat.

If your bimini top has been used, it may be that the previous owners have not treated it properly. When the top is cleaned regularly with a normal detergent, the protective layer disappears. This is very unfortunate. However, if you apply a new layer and continue to impregnate the hood regularly, it is well protected against dirt and leakage. Not every impregnating agent is suitable for all types of boat covers. So look for an impregnating agent that has been specially developed for boat covers.

Perhaps you prefer to sail immediately and you think that maintenance is not very important. Then I would like to inform you about the various benefits of good and regular maintenance.

Why impregnate your bimini top?

  1. The boat cover is now much easier and faster to clean. This will save you a lot of time and effort later on.
  2. The extra layer on the hood is dirt-repellent.
  3. The boat cover remains waterproof for longer if you impregnate it regularly.
  4. Good protection against both sunlight and dirt.
  5. The boat cover will last for years longer.
  6. The top looks nicer.
  7. The boat cover is less sensitive to algae, fungi, weather stains and unsightly green deposits.

Wondering how it is possible that impregnation provides so many benefits? This has to do with the composition of a good impregnating agent. This has the following properties:

  1. UV resistant.
  2. Dirt-resistant.
  3. Vapor permeable.
  4. Has a long effectiveness.
  5. Is colorless.
  6. Very good water repellent.

There are a number of things that you should pay attention to when you want to start impregnating. The better prepared you go to work, the better the result will be.

What do you do before starting treatment?

  1. Make sure that the surface is completely dry.
  2. All dirt, such as bird droppings, rain stripes, mold and other pollution, must be removed. That way you will get the best result. So always clean your bimini top first.

Impregnation in itself is not difficult at all and you can easily arrange it yourself.

I hope this gives you enough information and helps you find the best bimini top. Have fun sailing!