Cleaning and impregnating boat covers (step-by-step plan)

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Bootkap reinigen en impregneren (stappenplan)
With this 3-step plan we clean more than 2000 boat covers every year. Request the step-by-step plan now for free!

As a boat owner, you enjoy your time on the water. At the same time, your boat requires the necessary maintenance. Naturally, maintenance is required on the engine and hull. But the boat cover also requires special maintenance. This keeps it waterproof and protects it against bright sunlight and UV radiation.

In just three steps you can keep the hood of your boat as good as new. You can read all about it here.

Most boat covers are made of woven cloth. That is light, flexible and very durable in the right quality. Unfortunately, a boat cover is also susceptible to dirt and wear. You can keep your boat cover in good condition by following these steps:

  • Step 1: wash boat cover with Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo
  • Step 2: Remove heavy pollution with Power Cleaner
  • Step 3: impregnate the boat cover with Sprayhood & Tent Protector

The best thing is: with these products, cleaning your boat cover yourself is easy. The most important thing is that you use these special products.

Cleaning a boat cover requires patience and the right product. In any case, do not use green scale cleaner or vinegar. Vinegar is difficult to rinse from the cloth and impregnation becomes more difficult.

The stitching of the cloth is also not very resistant to vinegar. Green scale cleaner also remains in the cloth for a long time and does more harm than good there.


As soon as your boat cover has been cleaned in the right way, you will enjoy a clean cover. Your boat will look neater and newer.

After cleaning, impregnate the cloth. Impregnation also prevents new dirt from adhering to the cover, so that you can enjoy your clean boat cover for a long time.

Our three-step plan is as much about preventing dirt and grime on your boat cover as it is about cleaning and impregnating your boat cover.

Cleaning the boat cover yourself

With the three-step plan you not only clean the boat cover, but you also prevent new pollution and deposits. Dirt and deposits on a boat cover are often very persistent. This mainly concerns mold and green deposits.

Removing mold boat cover

Schimmel verwijderen bootkapMold on a boat cover causes brown or white deposits that do not look attractive. Mold on the boat cover is also not good for your own health. In addition, mold worsens over time and also affects the quality of the cloth itself.

Mold especially adheres to damp and dirty spots on the cloth. By cleaning properly and especially by impregnating, mold does not stand a chance.

It is also important that you store the cloth in a dry and well-ventilated place. Always wait before folding or rolling it up until the cloth is completely dry.

Removing and preventing green deposits on boat cover


Groene aanslag op bootkap verwijderen en voorkomenLike mold, green deposits form unsightly stains on your boat cover. This green deposit consists of moss and algae and grows mainly in dark and damp places.

Again, preventing the attack is the best remedy. By impregnating your hood you also prevent green deposits.

Removing green deposits on the boat cover requires several rounds of cleaning and a specialized product.

Three-step plan for cleaning the boat cover

Stappenplan bootkap schoonmaken
Below is a detailed description of our three-step plan to clean boat covers. These steps are effective because you are using the right drug in the right order.

First, you clean the boat cover in several rounds. You finish with the impregnation, so that new dirt hardly adheres to the hood.

The steps and products below are suitable for almost every hood and every type of cloth. That is why they have been specifically developed. This makes them work better than many generic products.

Not all cleaning and impregnating agents are just suitable for boat covers. Our maintenance products leave no stains and last longer than most alternatives.

Step 1: Apply Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo to clean the boat cover.

  • Clean the hood with a soft brush and lukewarm water.
  • Provide the damp cloth with Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo.
  • Brush again, this time a little firmer.
  • Wait about 20 minutes and let the shampoo act.
  • Rinse the cloth with cold water and brush gently at the same time.
  • Let the boat cover dry completely.
  • Complete previous steps if any dirt is still visible.

Step 2: Remove stubborn dirt and grime with Power Cleaner.

  • Rub the Power Cleaner in with a soft brush after you have dosed it. If necessary, use a plant sprayer.
  • Give the product an hour to work in. If dirt or grime is still visible after this hour, repeat this step.
  • Rinse the boat cover with cold water.
  • Let the boat cover dry completely.

Step 3: Waterproof the boat cover with Sprayhood & Tent Protector.

  • Apply liberally to both sides of the boat cover, but not to any windows. Immediately remove this product from windows with a wet cloth.
  • Let the boat cover dry completely.
  • Repeat the above once or twice.
  • Finally, clean the windows with Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo.

This three-step plan has been successfully used by thousands of boat owners since 1998.

Tips for cleaning boat cover

Tips bij bootkap reinigen

  • Always try to clean a small piece of cloth first. In rare cases (slight) discoloration occurs. By testing first, you will immediately see whether this is the case.
  • Go through the three-step plan at the beginning and end of each sailing season. By doing this regularly, you will notice that steps 1 and 2 become less necessary and take less time.
  • When mooring or storing your boat, try to prevent one side from receiving much more sunlight. This causes uneven discoloration and gives a greater chance of deposits on the shadow side.
  • Would you like to have the three-step plan at hand while you perform maintenance? Download the three-step plan below for free and receive it by e-mail.