Cleaning the boat sail is a simple job with these tips

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Reinigen bootzeil is een simpele klus met deze tips
A boat sail has to endure a lot during the season. Fortunately, cleaning is a simple job.

Do you also feel like a lovely sun, a clear blue sky and a nice breeze? It probably won't be long! Now is the time to think about your boat. And I don't mean just thinking about enjoying and relaxing. It is precisely the maintenance of your boat that requires your attention.

Could you use some tips about cleaning and impregnating the tarpaulin? Then read on quickly!

Boat sail suffers a lot

If you think about it for a moment, it makes sense that a boat sail requires maintenance. The canvas has to endure quite a bit during the season. Polluted water and all kinds of weather conditions cause algae, mold and all kinds of stains. Your boat sail will last for years longer with a little maintenance!

Regular cleaning of boat sail

Cleaning and protecting your boat tarp regularly is important. By doing this regularly, you will avoid many problems. And this is where things often go wrong: people wait with maintenance until the boat sail is so dirty that a little water and a brush no longer help. Clean and impregnate your boat tarp every year on time and you are all set.

Clean yourself or have it cleaned

Cleaning the boat sail yourself is not difficult. However, you may not be able to see this. For example because you have no time, no space or just don't feel like it. Then have the sail professionally cleaned. After the treatment you can be sure that the cloth is nice and clean and waterproof. But don't stop there. Interim cleaning is and remains necessary. Preferably clean immediately when you see stains. The sooner you tackle this dirt, the easier it is to get rid of.

Compare to dirty clothes

If you keep track of your laundry yourself, this example is familiar to you: the longer a stain is in a pants, sweater or other item of clothing, the more difficult it is to remove. This is the same with a boat sail. Take care of that dirt immediately. This is especially important with green deposits.

Remove green deposits immediately

Do you see green deposits on your boat sail? Don't hesitate, but act immediately! The tarnish is likely to be quick and easy to remove, and a quick approach will prevent worse problems. What is the case? Green deposits retain moisture. Ideal for mould, bacteria, dirt, dead algae and yeasts. They thrive in a wet environment. If you give fungi and bacteria time, they will multiply themselves. And it is precisely the combination of all this filth that causes problems. Removal is getting more and more difficult. So green attack? Clean immediately with water and a brush!

Most common pollution boat sail

Wherever you sail, you will probably be familiar with this pollution:

  • spider poo;
  • rainstrips
  • stains;
  • bird pop.

Good news, because I have a solution for all this pollution. At Ultramar, we have developed products that allow you to clean your boat sail yourself in a simple way. It is especially important that you use the handy step-by-step plan. If you follow this, then most stains are guaranteed to be removed.

Again, dirt attracts dirt. This is also the case with a boat sail. The cloth stays moist longer when it is dirty and moisture attracts mold. This causes more dirt to come back and so I can go on for a while. So don't wait too long. Every month a turn with lukewarm water and you will stay on top of most dirt.

More and more often suffer from fungus

Dirty mold on the boat sail is very annoying. More and more water sports enthusiasts are encountering this. You can do a lot about it yourself, but an important part of the problem also lies with the canvas of today.

Cloth manufacturers have to deal with stricter rules, which makes it difficult to properly protect the boat cloth against fungi. In the past, mold had less chance. In and on the cloth were such strong anti-fungal substances that fungi did not even get the chance to grow. These chemicals, such as heavy metals, are now banned. This makes it difficult to combat fungi.

It is also annoying that every environment has its own fungi. Then find a product that prevents all fungi.

Mold in a new boat sail

It's unbelievable, but this happens. Fungi are so annoying and inconvenient now. I regularly speak to people who suffer from mold in their boat sail after only a few months. The boat sail was probably placed while the boat was still dirty. The boat sail then becomes infected and even a brand new boat sail is quickly infected with fungal spores. Cleaning and protecting are therefore the 2 magic words. Unfortunately still no guarantee, but the chance of mold in your boat sail is a lot smaller.

Mutate fungi

Research shows that about 100 species of fungi are added every year. Old fungi also evolve rapidly into new resistant varieties. The best advice is therefore and remains: clean the boat tarp immediately when it is dirty. That's the only way you can keep it under control. Use clean water and a soft brush for this. Preferably do this every few weeks and ensure that the impregnation is always optimal. So impregnate the boat cover a few times a year.

Preventing mold in winter

Fungi love moisture. This is probably an open door. But keep this in mind if you are not on board for a longer period of time. For example during winter storage. Use a moisture absorber if necessary. Good ventilation is of course also important.

Also consider strongly fluctuating temperatures. This often creates condensation. You don't even realize that, because you're not there after all. But all those weeks that you are not on board, there is condensation in the boat. And all that moisture has to go somewhere. If there are already mold spores present, it can go quickly.

How does cleaning the boat sail work?

So, now you may be thinking, where are those handy tips? What can be done about this? How do I best clean the boat sail? And how do I prevent dirt?

I always use a step-by-step plan. This works very well in practice. The various steps are logical and if you have cleaned this way a few times, you probably no longer need the step-by-step plan.

But here are the different actions in a row:

  1. Apply warm water to the boat sail. Preferably hand warm.
  2. Spray or spray Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo on the wet hood.
  3. Brush off dirt well.
  4. Let it work for a while. 20 minutes is usually sufficient.
  5. Rinse with water to rinse away dirt and cleaning agent.
  6. Allow hood to dry.

Only when the boat tarp is dry, you can see whether the dirt has really been removed. This is not easy to see on wet canvas. Still dirt present? Then use Ultramar Power Cleaner. This has been developed for heavily soiled boat sails.

Boat sail cleaning agents

Do not get started with home, garden and kitchen products. Sometimes the dirt disappears with this, but the chance of problems is high. Some products can hardly be rinsed out. Or unsightly stains remain on the coating on the inside of the boat cloth. Give your boat the best and use good quality products.

Ultramar has been specialized in professional cleaning of boat covers since 1998. Thanks to my almost 20 years of experience, I know what every boat sail needs.

Impregnate boat sail

Impregnation of your boat sail helps you in the fight against mold and other dirt. Because you use the boat tarp to cover the boat, it must of course be well watertight. How annoying is it when everything is wet when you get to your boat after a while. Impregnation is a good precaution.

How to impregnate a boat sail

It is a reasonable job to impregnate the sail. In any case, remove the sail from the boat; that works best. I am happy to help you with a step-by-step plan:

  1. Place the tarp on a clean surface. For example, use a construction tarp.
  2. Spray the top with impregnating agent first.
  3. Let it be pulled in. It absorbs even better when you use a brush.
  4. Turn the boat sail around and spray the other side as well.
  5. The cloth should be completely saturated on both sides. Don't be too frugal.
  6. Preferably hang the cloth somewhere. Then it can dry well.

Do you notice that there is still a hole somewhere after the treatment? Then spray only that spot again with impregnating agent.

Waterproof and extra well protected

Use a good impregnating agent and your boat sail is well protected. Use Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector and the chance of mold and algae is much smaller. The benefits of this product include:

  1. Suitable for any type of cloth.
  2. Makes perfectly waterproof.
  3. Protects against pollution.
  4. Made on a water basis and therefore contains no hazardous substances.
  5. Works longer and more effectively than other impregnating agents.
  6. Continues to work even if shampoo accidentally remains in the cloth after cleaning.

The best impregnating agent for your boat sail!

Impregnate on time

You will not be the first to impregnate until the cloth is leaking. After all, water sports enthusiasts especially love boating. Wouldn't it be great to spend the warm days on the water? Yet you certainly know that good maintenance of the boat sail is a must. Try to do this on time. Not only when the boat sail is completely infected with fungi. Be ahead of this! That is absolutely possible. Impregnate the tarpaulin regularly and you will be too quick to get rid of algae and fungi.

Cleaning the boat sail is a lot of fun

Clean your boat sail on time and enjoy sailing all summer. A fresh look gives more pleasure. In addition, good maintenance guarantees a longer lifespan of the sail.

Impregneermiddel bootzeil

Everything you need for cleaning and impregnating your boat sail can be found in one place. Have a look around my website and the rest speaks for itself. Tips for waterproofing boat sails? You will find them here. Finally, make sure to use my free step-by-step plan for cleaning and impregnating the boat cover.

We wish you a lot of sailing pleasure!