Can I prevent green deposits on my boat cover?

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Kan ik groene aanslag op mijn bootkap voorkomen?

Read here how you can prevent green deposits on your boat cover as much as possible.

This is how you reduce the chance of green attack on your boat cover

  • Protect the boat cloth with a strong impregnating agent.
  • You can never occur that algae and mosses grow.
  • There can always traces of algae get on your boat cover.
  • These traces grow easily on a wet, dirty boat cover.
  • Is the canvas well protected? Then you can use the green attack easy to remove.
  • Impregnate the cloth regularly. This way you apply a protective layer over the fibre.
  • Algae and mosses can grow on the canvas, but they will cling less to the canvas. They penetrate less deeply into the canvas.


Is the impregnation optimal, then you only need water to remove the green deposit.