Can I go through the car wash with my convertible?

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Kan ik met mijn cabrio door de wasstraat?

Do not go through the car wash with a convertible. The fabric of your convertible top is very vulnerable.

Why you should never go through the car wash with a convertible

There are many reasons why you should not wash your convertible in a car wash. Here are the main ones:

  1. The cleaning agents in a car wash have been developed for cars. Not for the vulnerable convertible cloth.
  2. Stitching is sometimes weak due to UV radiation. From brushes damage the stitching Furthermore.
  3. Convertible cloth consists of several layers. They are glued together. From brushes press hard on the convertible top, allowing these layers to come loose.
  4. The connection between the window and the canvas is very fragile. Brushes can damage that connection.
  5. Cleaning agents are not sufficiently rinsed from the cloth. As a result, an impregnating agent is less effective. The cloth will also attract dirt more quickly.
  6. From wax in a car wash is not suitable and not strong enough to properly protect the convertible cloth.  

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