Keep the caravan cool this summer. The Best Tips

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Houd de caravan koel deze zomer. De Beste Tips
Of course we hope for a sunny summer. But how do you keep the caravan cool when it gets tropically warm?

Great, the holidays are already in sight! Enjoy a few weeks away with the caravan. Of course you hope for good weather. A rainy holiday is never fun. Are you already looking forward to it? Barbecue, sun, nice temperatures, children in the pool? But what if those nice temperatures take on tropical values? How do you keep it cool in the caravan? Here are some practical tips!

Tip 1: Watch the wind if the caravan is too hot

Have you had a few warm days? The temperature in the caravan is no longer pleasant? Especially not when you want to sleep? Then pay close attention to the wind. This will cost you nothing and you can apply this tip everywhere. The wind often provides really good cooling. Is there a nice breeze blowing? Then immediately open all the windows of the caravan. All warm air is blown out in this way. Is it windless and warm? Then keep all windows and doors closed.

Tip 2: Sun protection for caravan windows

Sun protection is not only ideal at home, but also in the caravan it can really make a few degrees difference. There are all kinds of awnings for sale, in different types, sizes and price ranges. The awnings generally keep the sun and heat out well. But that is always only on one side of the caravan. But you can also attach sun blinds to the other windows. Use the special awnings for caravan windows for this. Often they are universal sizes that are suitable for most windows. They are super easy to install.

Tip 3: Choose a shady spot during your caravan summer holiday

Often we are initially looking for the sunniest spot together. If you are going to a country with a fresh climate, I definitely recommend that. But in all other cases it is much better to look for a shady spot. A place with many trees is always pleasant. Also take a good look at how you set up the caravan. On arrival you may be exactly in the shade, but what is it like in the middle of the day? This is easy to calculate, but you can also see how other campers have placed the caravan. This really makes a big difference when it comes to keeping your caravan cool.

Tip 4: Use a fan when camping in the heat

A fan is always useful when camping with summer temperatures. Different fans are available. Take a standing fan or opt for a variant that you can hang. The fan draws air in from the back and blows it out at the front. If it has cooled down a bit in the evening, put the fan in front of the open window. Soon also a tip about the combi fan and water. Do you find the noise annoying when you lie in bed? Then use a timer and let the fan turn off automatically after a while.

Tip 5: Camping on a slightly higher campsite

You often have a beautiful view this way. It is usually a bit quieter and when the weather is nice, you don't have to worry about too low temperatures. In the evening and at night, a higher spot certainly saves a few degrees. Just as delicious on very hot summer days.

Tip 6: Do not use an awning when you are looking for coolness in your caravan

If you don't need the awning, don't use it at all. A tent retains a lot of heat. If the tent is indispensable, unzip the walls.

Tip 7: Keep the screens up during the day and you will keep the caravan cool

I understand that you find this a dubious tip. Unfortunately, an insect screen does not only let out vermin, but also a refreshing gust of wind. You should give this tip a try. Did you know that screens also act as a kind of radiator? They warm up nicely in the sun and then retain this heat well and for a long time. Would you like a less warm caravan? Give it a try. And for the flies, you just use an old-fashioned fly swatter.

Tip 8: Don't cook indoors on a hot day

Cooking heats the caravan enormously. Light the barbecue outside or eat vegetarian. On a hot day, a salad might be more than enough. If you have a camping stove, it is of course very easy to use outside.

Tip 9: Combination of ventilation and water

Did you know that this way you can create a kind of air conditioning yourself? Be careful how you use this product! Place a bowl of ice-cold water in front of the fan and enjoy the coolness it gives. Even better is of course frozen water! You understand that this only works for a short time, because it is warm in the caravan. Therefore, change the water regularly. For example, if you do this a while before going to bed, you may fall asleep more easily.

Tip 10: Clean the roof of the caravan well

An unexpected tip? Can cleaning the roof help when camping in summer temperatures? Secure! When the roof is dark due to pollution, it heats up faster. Moss on the roof also ensures faster heating. Cleaning after winter storage is therefore a good precaution. You will benefit from it on hot days. A clean white roof looks fresh, but also reflects better.

Tip 11: Air conditioning on when it is heat in the caravan

This tip as one of the last? Isn't the air conditioning on the first thing you do when it gets hot in the caravan? Yet this is less obvious than you think. The air conditioning is a great tool, but it also has its drawbacks. Here are some tips to get the most out of your air conditioner:

Advantages and disadvantages of caravan air conditioning


  • Provides lower temperatures.
  • You sleep better.
  • Takes hardly any effort.
  • Latest models are virtually silent.


  • Pricey to buy.
  • Can make quite a bit of noise.

How to use the caravan air conditioner most conveniently

  • Always turn on the fan first. Or at least ventilate the caravan by opening the windows and doors for a while. When the air conditioning turns on, you naturally close everything again.
  • Fairly luxurious, but: operate the air conditioning remotely. This way you can switch on the device when you are on your way to the caravan. This can be done, for example, by means of a Truma iNet Box.
  • Do not set the air conditioner too cold. Of course this is attractive, but not recommended for your health. Your body may have problems if the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures is too great. In general, a difference of about 6 degrees is advised.
  • Never stand right in front of the air conditioner outlets. This can lead to a stiff neck. Muscles that cool down too quickly have a tendency to cramp.
  • After dinner, turn on the air conditioning for a while on the lowest setting and you can sleep well in the evening!

General tips and thoughts on caravan heat wave

If it's really hot for days, you can sometimes be at your wits' end. That's why a list with various small and larger tips. Perhaps there is just something that can help to reduce the heat a bit. And in order to sleep better…

  • Do not use a duvet or sheet.
  • Open everything at night.
  • Throw a few buckets of water over the caravan. To conserve water, use rainwater or water from a ditch, lake or river.
  • A mosquito plug for when you are more bothered by mosquitoes due to the drastic measures.
  • Take a warm shower in the evening and finish it cold.
  • Drink a warm mug of tea before going to bed.
  • Use a dehumidifier.
  • Stretch white sheets over the windows (on the outside).
  • Rest in the shade for a few hours in the afternoon. To bed late at night.
  • Heating in ventilation position.
  • Use special sunscreen cloths.
  • Use a thermal blanket.
  • Drink water instead of alcohol.
  • Useful cold Spanish soup: gazpacho.
  • Keep your cool. Remember that you do not go on holiday to a warm country without reason. You can also fall asleep during heat.
  • Do you suffer from noise from air conditioning or fan? Wear earplugs!
  • Put a towel on the foot end and go to sleep with wet socks on.

What to do against awning heat?

The awning is often worse than the caravan. During a heat wave it can easily reach 45+ degrees. Fortunately, something can be done about this too. Read the handy tips below:

  • Rid everything. Take out the front and sides.
  • Use an awning.
  • Place an insulation blanket on the tent with the reflective side up.
  • Use a tarp.