Prevent condensation in your tent? Helpful Tips

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Condens voorkomen in uw tent? Handige Tips
Condensation in your tent increases the risk of mold and weather spots. Of course you don't want that. 5 tips!

Especially when you wake up in the morning, it can sometimes feel clammy in the tent. The inside of the cloth is then wet from the condensation. High humidity in the tent is not a pleasant feeling. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to prevent this as much as possible.

Why should I avoid condensation?

Condensation seems quite harmless at first glance. But since mold loves dark damp rooms, it is wise to avoid condensation as much as possible. Mold can affect the fabric. And even more annoying: it is very bad for your health. You can get respiratory complaints.

How does condensation form?

There are several possible causes of condensation. These are:

  • Differences in temperature
    When it gets colder outside in the evening, the canvas also gets this temperature. But the air in the tent remains the same. This warm air then settles against the cloth and causes condensation.
  • wet stuff
    If you put wet items in the tent, the moisture can evaporate. It eventually becomes moisture again. This moisture forms condensation on the inside of your tent.
  • Sweating in the tent
    Most people are mistaken about how much we perspire at night. Moisture does evaporate, but it has to go somewhere. We find it in the form of condensation.

Condensation: what can I do about it?

Follow these tips to avoid condensation as much as possible.

  • Open the tent
    Many tents have vents. It is best to open different ventilation options against each other.
  • Keep the tent dry
    By not putting wet items in the tent, you prevent a lot of condensation. Therefore, put wet items outside the tent to dry.
  • Keep your tent closed during the day!
    This tip applies if you are camping in a warm country. By only opening the tent when it has cooled down a bit in the evening, you ensure that you keep the moisture out. In the evening there is much less moisture in the air.
  • Do not place heat sources in the tent
    Sometimes gas or oil heaters are placed in the tent. If the warm air from the stove hits the tent canvas, this causes a lot of condensation. For the same reason, it is not wise to cook in the tent. This releases a lot of vapor.
  • Place a blanket or sail
    By placing a blanket on the groundsheet or placing a tarp under the tent, you keep the moisture out. This way you prevent this moisture from getting into the tent. Make sure that the tarpaulin is smaller than the tent, so that the water does not run under the tent.​

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