Impregnate convertible roof? – 9 best tips!

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Cabriodak impregneren? – 9 beste tips!
Extend the life of your convertible top by properly maintaining it and impregnating it regularly.

On warm sunny days it is wonderful to drive an open convertible. The wind and sun give a feeling of freedom. But you should also be able to drive with pleasure on less beautiful days. That is why it is important that the roof of your convertible is well impregnated.

Do you want to impregnate your convertible yourself? Which can! In fact, it's not difficult at all. I am happy to give you professional advice for the best result. Read along for these handy tips!

Tip 1: Regular impregnation is so important?

Why is it important to impregnate your convertible roof? The obvious answer is of course: to stay dry yourself! But that is not the only reason. By impregnating your convertible roof regularly, you also extend the life of your convertible. If your convertible top is well impregnated, it is not only moisture-resistant, but also dirt-repellent. So the cloth stays clean longer. There is also less mold and deposits on a clean cloth. Mold can damage the fabric in the long run. And that is why, by regularly impregnating, you protect not only yourself but also the convertible top!

Tip 2: Impregnate the convertible top. When is the best time to do that?

There is no specific time when it is best to impregnate the convertible top. It is important that the impregnation is always optimal. Below are a few suggestions.

  • At least 1 x a year
    This is minimal. During the year the impregnation layer will disappear. By impregnating once a year, you run the risk that the convertible top is less protected for a certain period.
  • Always after cleaning
    Another good time to impregnate your cloth is after cleaning a convertible roof. The cleaning agents affect the existing impregnation. That's no problem. You can easily restore this by applying a new protective layer.
  • Before you don't use the convertible for a long time
    Many convertible tops get dirty when they are not in use. Suppose you put the convertible away for a few months in the garage, under a carport or elsewhere. And suppose there are mold spores or spores from algae and mosses on the cloth. Then there is a very good chance that you will be shocked by the convertible top after a few months. The fungi and algae have had plenty of time to grow in those months.
  • Just impregnate a new convertible hood directly
    The canvas of the convertible has been treated by the manufacturer. Only that manufacturer has to deal with strict environmental regulations. Today he is allowed to use less and less chemicals to protect the canvas. This makes the convertible top much more vulnerable than years ago. By impregnating the cloth itself immediately, you give it the extra protection it needs.

Tip 3: Convertible in winter

Do you also use the convertible in winter? Then do the following:

  • Clean the convertible top for the fall.
  • Check the stitching.
  • Impregnate the inside and outside of the hood.
  • Check rear window heater plugs and connections
  • Protect the plastic windows with a good car polish.

Tip 4: Repair convertible roof

Then it's time. The convertible top is broken. Maybe a tear from a strong gust of wind? Maybe a cut by vandals. In any case, you should have it repaired. Once the roof is repaired, you need to protect that repair again. That part is also extra protected against dirt, fungi, algae and water.

Tip 5: Buy a convertible?

Are you going to buy a new or second-hand convertible? As you have already read, it is important to protect the new convertible cloth yourself. Are you buying a second-hand convertible? Pay particular attention to the condition of the convertible top. A new hood can easily cost several thousand Euros.

What do you have to pay attention to?

  • Rub the stitching with your nails. This way you can see whether they are still strong enough.
  • View the connection of the rear window heating.
  • Is the rear window opaque and milky in places? Then that window is up and in need of replacement.
  • Do you see small black dots on the inside of the hood? Those are weather spots (mold)
  • Is the inside still good or do you already see very small tears in the canvas?
  • Is the outside nice and even in color or completely discolored?
  • Is the top layer (outside of the hood) still nice and smooth or do you see minor damage there?
  • Also pay attention to the places where the hood is always folded.

Tip 6: Don't forget to impregnate the inside of the convertible top as well

The inside of the convertible top is especially vulnerable. The layer of cloth is pasted. That layer can sometimes come off. You can also often see mold or the well-known weather spots on the inside of the convertible top. You can prevent problems by spraying the inside at least once a year with a strong impregnating agent.

Mold on convertible roof

Schimmel op cabriodak

Tip 7: Cabriodak impregneermiddel

What is a good impregnating agent for convertible tops? There are many types of impregnating agents. Not only can the ingredients be different, but also the ratio of active ingredients.

I started Ultramar in 1998. As a professional sail and tent laundry, we naturally needed a good impregnating agent. The quality of the protection had to be optimal. In the first year we used several professional impregnating agents. But the result was always disappointing.

Eventually I found a company that wanted to develop an impregnating agent together with me. Completely according to my wishes. I'll list a few of them:

  • Suitable for the canvas of most boat covers, umbrellas, tents and convertible tops.
  • Maximum amount of active ingredients (i.e. proportionally less water).
  • Water-based, so it's easy to use anywhere.
  • Do not affect or alter color & stiffness.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Provide extra protection against fungi and algae.
  • Additional component for closing stitching holes.
  • Good against UV radiation.
  • Provide maximum protection against dirt and oil.
  • Easy to use multiple times in a row.

After about 2 years of testing, I had the perfect impregnating agent with Sprayhood & Tent Protector. It met all requirements. Now, almost 20 years later, almost all boat covers, tents, catering umbrellas and convertible tops are still treated with this impregnating agent.

So if you ask: What is a good convertible roof impregnation agent? Then all I can say is this product: Sprayhood & Tent Protector.


Tip 8: Prevention is better than cure

There are also a number of things you can do to prevent premature impregnation:

Regular cleaning

Clean a lightly soiled convertible immediately. You can use lukewarm water and a soft, but firm brush for this. After a wash with only water and a brush, you do not need to impregnate the cloth again. Also read: Cleaning convertible top? The Top 21 Best Tips

Cleaning convertible topCabriodak reinigen

Don't go through the car wash

It sounds ideal, but car washes are disastrous for convertible roofs. The agents and brushes used in a car wash are not suitable for convertibles. Even the special convertible washes can damage the coating, so that the convertible has to be impregnated again.

Do not park under a tree

It may sound obvious. Yet we often see convertibles that have been parked under a tree. The result is a thick layer of dirt, both from the tree and from the birds. There is then nothing to do but a good cleaning. After that, your convertible cloth needs a new coating.

Tip 9: How can I impregnate a convertible roof myself?

It's time. You are going to impregnate your convertible. With these simple steps it's done!

  • Make sure the convertible top is clean and dry. Clean first if necessary. See: User manual Convertible top Cleaning.
  • Spray Sprayhood & Tent Protector evenly on the canvas. Do this to a large extent with a plant sprayer. The convertible cloth must be completely saturated.
  • Also spray directly the inside of the convertible roof, to also protect this side of the cloth against deposits and mould.
  • Rub the impregnation drops that are still wet from the car and the windows.
  • Now let the convertible dry.
  • Test the convertible top with water.
  • Repeat the treatment if necessary.

A convertible is fantastic. It gives a feeling of freedom and luxury. I hope that with these tips you can keep your convertible and especially your convertible top in a nice fresh condition.