Remove green deposit convertible top? – 7 tips!

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Groene aanslag cabriokap verwijderen? – 7 tips!
Do you see green deposits forming on your convertible top? Then don't wait too long with cleaning.

Is there green deposits on your convertible top? Then of course you want to remove it as soon as possible. Not only is it an ugly sight. This green deposit of algae also causes the fabric to deteriorate. Read quickly what you should pay attention to!

What is green attack?

Green deposits consist of algae and mosses. They are usually green in color. Hence the name "green attack". These algae and mosses grow easily on a moist substrate. And they also retain moisture easily. That is also the reason that a convertible roof with green deposits stays wet for longer. And it is precisely on that wet roof that the green deposits grow faster. That's how they reinforce each other.

Tip 1: Remove green deposits as soon as possible

Do you see green deposits developing somewhere? Grab a bucket of lukewarm water. Just water from the tap. Without cleaning agents. Brush off the deposits and rinse the cloth. So you are always on time.

Tip 2: Clean your convertible top regularly with clean water

I already said it. If you don't wait too long, you can keep the convertible top nice and clean. You do not need to buy special cleaning agents. That's very simple. All you need to do is clean it regularly with clean water. That regularity is so important. Things often go wrong if people don't do anything about the convertible top for too long. The algae then get the chance to penetrate deep into the cloth. There is also more and more dirt on the hood. That dirt stays wet for longer. As a result, mold and green deposits can easily form again.

Extra tip: make a note in your diary - "wash a convertible" every first weekend of the month...

Cleaning convertible topCabriodak reinigen

Tip 3: Cleaning the convertible top with green soap? Do not!

It always amazes me. Also this week someone came to my office. If I could take a look at his car. He proudly led the way to a beautiful Audi Cabriolet. "Only 2 years old, but you see" he said. "The convertible top doesn't look good. No matter how many times I clean, it always turns green."

Green soap seems to work well at first. It is a good degreaser and removes algae quite well too. You also do not have to worry about discoloration or damage to the cloth with green soap. It is not aggressive or heavily chemical.

There is only one big disadvantage when it comes to green soap and cloth types. The downside is that green soap is made from vegetable oils, such as soybean oil and kohlrabi oil. And it is precisely those oils that leave a greasy layer on and in the cloth. This layer is a perfect breeding ground for fungi and algae. So it often happens that someone cleans his convertible top and soon afterwards the first green deposits and mold reappear.

That greasy layer has another disadvantage. That clashes with an impregnating agent. And it is precisely by impregnating the cloth a few times a year that you give it the best protection.

Would you like to know more about this? Then read our blog about using green soap.

Tip 4. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner!

The best way to clean a convertible top is to brush it with a soft brush, a good cleaner and plenty of lukewarm water. Of course, that always takes some effort and time. Spraying vigorously with a high-pressure cleaner is an attractive option.

Yet that is not the way. Spraying easily creates spray stripes. Those stripes are almost impossible to remove. There is also a very good chance that you will spray the coating and the stitching.

Cabriolet roof - spray linesCabriodak - spuitstrepen

Tip 5. Always use a soft brush

A convertible top is vulnerable. The cloth can already be a bit worse due to UV radiation. Stitching may already be partially digested. The dirt on a convertible roof has often been on the hood for a long time. So it has had plenty of time to bond well and sometimes even to penetrate deep into the canvas.

Aanbevolen borstel

Ultramar brush

Furthermore, it is never about 1 type of dirt. It looks like green deposits from algae. But often it is a combination of fungi, algae, mosses, rain stripes and all kinds of pollution by insects. To remove that properly, you should let the cleaning agents do the work.

So it makes no sense to use a hard brush or scrub very hard. The chance of damage is then only greater. It is better to use a soft firm brush. You use this brush to brush off the dirt and to distribute the cleaning agent well. Then the cleaning agent can do its job.

Tip 6. Convertible top prevent green deposits. The most important tip!

Of course you cannot wrap the convertible top in a protective film. That in itself would be nice. Then you knew for sure that it stayed nice and clean. You can do something else to protect the canvas properly. Something that prevents fungi, algae, bird droppings and dirt from getting a chance to attach themselves. You do this by spraying the convertible top with a strong impregnating agent several times a year.

Tip 7. Remove green deposits from your convertible top for as long as possible: These are the steps!

To remove green deposits from your convertible roof for a long time, you must provide perfect protection. By properly protecting the fabric, algae, mosses and green deposits have much less chance.

Is the canvas well protected and is there still some green deposits on the convertible top? No problem. Then you can easily remove it with a brush and water.

If you impregnate the convertible top, the cloth must be clean. You can read how to clean a convertible roof here

Convertible roof without protectionCabriodak zonder bescherming

Convertible top with protection
Cabriodak met bescherming

This is the best way to remove green deposits from your convertible top for a long time - Free Step-by-step plan

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