Removing green deposits from spray hood

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Groene aanslag verwijderen van buiskap
Do not use green soap to remove green deposits, but follow our simple step-by-step plan.

Removing green deposits from a spray do I do that? We get this question very often at Ultramar.

You are the proud owner of a boat. You may have carefully selected the boat fabric from which your spray hood is made. Or maybe the curtain was already on. Anyway, the condition of the spray hood is very decisive for the appearance of the boat.

Green attack on the canvas is therefore something that no one is waiting for. Let's therefore quickly discuss what you can pay attention to if you want to remove green deposits from a spray hood.

What is the green attack?

With green deposits we often mean the deposits caused by mosses and algae. Green deposits often grow in places that are shady and therefore often stay moist for longer. The mosses and algae are generally green in color. Hence the term 'green attack'.

Green attack spray hoodGroene aanslag buiskap

Tip 1: Remove green deposits on the spray hood as soon as possible!

Green deposits therefore generally occur in places where less sunlight comes in and the cloth remains damp for longer. That is also the reason that this green deposit mainly occurs and grows in autumn, winter and spring. In those months, the green deposits will adhere deeper and more firmly to the canvas of your boat cover. The green deposit will keep the moisture on your boat cover longer, which will only increase the problem. Therefore, remove green deposits as soon as possible.

Tip 2: Don't give green deposits a chance. Provide a good impregnation layer

Make sure that your boat cover always has good protection. By impregnating the cloth a few times a year, pollution (fungi, green deposits, spider droppings, weather spots, etc.) will have less chance of adhering to the cloth. If the impregnation is always in good condition, you really only need water to keep the cloth clean.

Tip 3: Do not use green soap!

The last important tip: never use green soap when removing green deposits from your boat cover! Don't want to know why not? I have written a separate article about this. Cleaning the boat cover with green soap? Do not!

This is the best way to permanently remove green deposits.

Of course you can always remove the green deposits from your boat cover. This is easy to do with the right products. But isn't it better for your time, the environment and your wallet if you just don't give that green deposit a chance to attach to the canvas? You can read how to do this in our step-by-step plan. With this 3-step plan we clean more than 2,000 boat covers every year!

Boat cover: before and after cleaningBootkap: voor en na reiniging