Can I clean my tent in the washing machine?

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Kan ik mijn tent in de wasmachine reinigen?

We can be very brief about that: you cannot wash your tent in the washing machine. In fact, there is a very good chance that your tent will not survive a wash in the washing machine. That's how it goes:

  • Almost all tents have a special coating. Due to sanding and turning in the machine, the risk of damage to the coating is very high.
  • Zippers, closures and other hard parts of the tent hit the canvas during washing. This can lead to damage to the coating and the canvas itself.
  • The window film on the window windows is very fragile and is easily damaged during washing.

If you wash your tent in the washing machine, there is a high risk of (permanent) damage. Therefore, it is better not to wash your tent in the washing machine.

Is your tent dirty or do you want to clean your tent?

It is important to maintain your tent well and to treat it preventively. The first thing to do is to prevent dirt from adhering to the cloth. You do this by impregnating the tent cloth. Clean the tent every year with water and possibly with a special tent cleaner. The tent must also be impregnated again after every cleaning. This way you prevent a dirty tent cloth.

Would you like more information about cleaning your tent?

Ultramar was originally a tent laundry. We have washed thousands of tent cloths and made them spotless again. In more than 20 years we have seen every possible stain. We are happy to help you as a camping enthusiast to get your tent canvas clean again. In this blog we have explained in detail how you maintain and clean your tent properly.