How can I impregnate a lightweight tent? - Instructions

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Hoe kan ik lichtgewicht tent impregneren? - Gebruiksaanwijzing

Impregnation of a lightweight tent can be done quickly and easily. With this step-by-step plan, your tent is waterproof again and well protected against dirt and grime.

Why impregnating your lightweight tent is important

You do not only impregnate your tent against the rain, but also to provide extra protection against:

  • Dirty water
  • Green attack
  • fungi
  • Salty
  • lime
  • Sand
  • Oil
  • etc.

The coating that is applied to a lightweight tent in the factory is often not sufficient. This wears mainly due to UV radiation. Therefore regularly apply an extra impregnation. This way you can enjoy your tent for longer.

Instructions for use: Impregnate lightweight tent with Outdoor Gear Protector

  1. Make sure the tent clean and dry is. Clean first if necessary. See: Instructions for use Cleaning a lightweight tent
  2. squirt a thin layer of Outdoor Gear Protector evenly on the canvas.
  3. Dirt, mold and weather spots quickly develop on the inside of the tent. That is why we recommend the means also on the inside of the tent to apply.
  4. Outdoor Gear Protector not on windows allow to dry, but remove immediately with a damp cloth.
  5. Leave it dry the tent cloth well.
  6. For best results, repeat the treatment if necessary.



Outdoor Gear Protector is also suitable for:

  • sleeping bag
  • backpacks
  • outdoorschoenen
  • (ski) clothing