How can I make ski clothing waterproof? - Instructions

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Hoe kan ik skikleding waterdicht maken? - Gebruiksaanwijzing

Waterproofing ski clothing is very easy with these instructions for use and recommended impregnation agent.

A ski suit must breathe

  • You may think that a waterproof layer completely seals the ski clothing.
  • Nothing is less true. There are small holes in the waterproof layer.
  • This is necessary so that perspiration can escape.
  • If this is not possible, ski clothing will feel clammy on the inside.
  • Badly breathable ski clothing is usually caused by the holes being clogged by dirt. In that case you can wash the clothes.
  • You then make the ski clothing waterproof, so that you have a good protective layer again.
  • A good waterproof layer, does not let drops into the suit, but perspiration out of the suit.

Instructions for use: waterproofing ski clothing

  • Make sure the clothes clean and dry is.
  • Hang on a pendant. Or put the clothes on the floor.
  • Spray the clothes met Outdoor Gear Protector.
  • One thin layer is sufficient.
  • Leave the clothes approx 15 minutes of drugs
  • Hang the clothes if necessary by a stove.
  • Or let the clothes run a short program in the dryer.
  • Heat enhances the protective effect of the impregnating agent.

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