How can I remove green deposits on the boat cover?

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Hoe kan ik groene aanslag op bootkap verwijderen?

How can I remove green deposits on the boat cover? † Instructions

Are you tired of that green deposit on your boat cover? The best way to remove green deposits is to ensure that green deposits simply do not have a chance to adhere to the cloth.

Why removing green deposits often does not help?

Green tarnish is not just an ugly sight. The attack can grow deep into the canvas. Do you do nothing and let it grow? And it can eventually also affect the coating of the cloth

Of course you can always remove that green deposit. But the following is much more effective!

Make sure that green deposits have much less chance of adhering to the cloth. How? By impregnating the cloth well with a strong impregnating agent.

If the cloth is well impregnated, you can simply remove all dirt, mold and green deposits that do get on the cloth with a soft brush and lukewarm water.

This is not only better for the environment, but also better for your precious time, the fabric and your wallet.

Curious how you can impregnate your boat cover? Instructions for use Impregnate boat cover.