How can I remove mold on the inside of my boat cover?

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Hoe kan ik schimmel aan de binnenkant van mijn bootkap verwijderen?

Do you have mold on the inside of your boat cover? White mold or the well-known "weather spots"? That's fine to remove yourself. Follow the steps in this manual. We will immediately tell you which products you need.

Why mold removal is so important for your boat cover?

Your boat cover has a special coating on the inside of the canvas. It is precisely this coating that ensures the watertightness of the boat cloth. Mold can "eat up" that coating. Small holes then appear. Result... the boat cover leaks and is difficult to make watertight.

So do not wait too long!

Do you see mold developing on the roof of your boat cover? Then don't wait too long. Clean your boat cover as soon as possible and more importantly... protect the canvas with a strong impregnating agent.

The best way to remove mold is to ensure that mold does not adhere to the fabric.

Mold easily adheres to a dirty damp boat cover. The best way to permanently remove mold is to ensure that the cloth dries quickly and stays clean longer.

You do not do this by cleaning your boat cover every year with all kinds of cleaning agents, but by protecting the canvas in time!

Do you protect your boat cover with a strong impregnating agent and does mold still appear on the canvas? Then you can remove it with water and a soft brush.

So make sure that your expensive boat cover always has the perfect protection. This is not only better for the environment, but also for your valuable time and wallet.

Boat cover extra protection with Sprayhood & Tent Protector:

  1. Make sure your boat cover good clean and dry is. Operating instructions Boat cover Cleaning.
  2. Inject Sprayhood & Tent Protector generously and evenly on the dry cloth. Use a plant sprayer, brush, brush or spray.
  3. Immediately remove the impregnating agent from the deck and windows, etc. Use a damp cloth.
  4. Leave the boat cover dry well. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
  5. Is there impregnating agent on the deck? No problem! Just wipe with a little bit of benzene.