How can I store cotton tent?

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Hoe kan ik katoenen tent opbergen?

This is how you can store the cotton tent

What is the best way to store a cotton tent?

  • A lot of mold and weather stains occur when the tent is neatly stored.
  • Make sure the tent is clean and dry. Only when you are sure you can put the tent away.
  • Put the tent in a cotton bag. For example, roll it up in an old cotton duvet cover. This allows the tent cloth to breathe.
  • Store the poles, pegs, lines, etc. all in another bag. This prevents dirt and mold spores from getting on the tent canvas.
  • Place the tent in a place where the temperature is always the same. For example, in the attic. So don't put it in a caravan all winter. Condensation easily forms due to the temperature fluctuation. Condensation again increases the risk of mold.


Impregnate the cotton tent before putting it away. This way you can be sure that the canvas is well protected.