How can I wash GORE-TEX? - Instructions

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Hoe kan ik GORE-TEX wassen? - Gebruiksaanwijzing

Do you want to know if you can wash GORE-TEX clothing? Which can! Washing Gore-tex clothes is very simple. Read here what you should pay attention to.

Washing Gore-Tex clothes is important 

  • Dirt clogged GORE-TEX clothing. As a result, the clothing no longer breathes.
  • As a result, perspiration remains in the clothing, so that your clothing can feel clammy and wet.
  • Washing GORE-TEX clothing removes the dirt from the holes.
  • Then you can use one of our products to apply a new protective layer. This way your GORE-TEX clothing can last for years.

Directions for use: Wash Gore-Tex

  • Put the clothes in the washing machine
  • Use a little bit of liquid detergent
  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees
  • Rinse 2 times
  • Spin minimally to avoid creasing

Directions for use: Drying Gore-Tex

  • Hang clothes on a clothesline
  • Or hang clothes close to a stove
  • Or tumble dry on a low temperature
  • Heat will reactivate the action of the water and dirt repellent outer fabric.
  • Do this every time you notice that the garment is no longer sufficiently water-repellent.

Spray the clothing with this strong impregnating agent. Outdoor Gear Protector makes the clothing super repellent.