How can I wash ski clothes? - Instructions

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Hoe kan ik skikleding wassen? - Gebruiksaanwijzing

Read here how to wash ski clothes. Whether it's ski pants, ski jacket or whole ski suit, washing is very simple.

Wash ski clothes without special detergent!

  • Most ski clothing is made from Gore-Tex.
  • You can use this breathable fabric safe washing without special ski clothing detergent.
  • Just use a little bit of liquid detergent. Even the manufacturer of Gore-Tex recommends this.

Why washing ski clothes is important

  • Your ski suit breathes through the small pores of the fabric.
  • Your "sweat" can come straight out of the pack. While moisture from outside cannot enter the suit.
  • The pores get clogged by dirt, lime, salt, etc.
  • By washing the ski clothing you restore the breathability.
  • It is therefore important to wash your ski suit regularly.  

Instructions for use: wash ski clothes

  • Put your ski clothes in the washing machine
  • Choose a low temperature and low speed
  • Use a little bit of liquid detergent
  • Leave once after washing extra rinse
  • Make the ski suit perfectly water and dirt repellent again.
  • Impregnate the suit with a strong impregnating agent.
  • Outdoor Gear Protector has been specially developed for fabric such as Gore-Tex.