How can I make a polyester tent waterproof? Ultramar step-by-step plan

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Hoe kan ik een polyester tent waterdicht maken? Ultramar stappenplan

Do you have a polyester tent and the canvas is leaking? You can make your tent waterproof by impregnating with the Sprayhood & Tent Protector

Polyester tent waterdicht maken

How can I make a polyester tent waterproof? † Roadmap

Do you have a polyester tent and water is leaking through the seams or the canvas? You can make the seams and the tent canvas waterproof by impregnating with the Sprayhood & Tent Protector from Ultramar.

With this step-by-step plan you can quickly make your tent waterproof again and give the tent canvas extra protection against mold, green deposits and dirt.

Step-by-step plan for impregnating polyester tent cloth

  • Step 1. Make sure the tent cloth is clean and dry and set up your tent.
  • Step 2. Spray the dry tent cloth liberally with the impregnation spray. Make sure you distribute the impregnating agent evenly with, for example, a plant sprayer, brush or brush.
  • Step 3. Also spray the inside of the tent cloth with the impregnating agent. By impregnating the inside, fungi can adhere less well to the cloth.
  • Step 4. Do you have an awning or a tent with windows? Then immediately remove the impregnating agent from the windows with a damp cloth.
  • Step 5. Let the tent cloth dry thoroughly. 

Tips katoenen tentdoek impregneren

Why it is important to impregnate your polyester tent

When you camp, your tent is exposed to external influences day and night, such as UV radiation, wind and rain. That's not a problem, because that's what the canvas is made for. The polyester tent canvas itself is not so vulnerable. But all this does affect the coating of the cloth. When the coating is affected, fungi, algae and dirt can more easily adhere to the tent canvas.

If your polyester tent fabric is leaking, a damaged coating is often the culprit. That is why you should impregnate your tent regularly.

The Sprayhood & Tent Protector and polyester

Our strong impregnating agent is suitable for all types of polyester cloths, for example on the boat, in the garden or at the campsite. By impregnating polyester cloths, you make the cloth waterproof and protect the cloth against dirt, fungi and algae. In addition to the tent, you can treat the following polyester fabrics with the Sprayhood & Tent Protector:

  • garden cushions
  • sunshade
  • windshield
  • party tent
  • backpack
  • hammock
  • panniers

Impregnate new polyester party tent

Even if you buy a new tent, waterproofing is not guaranteed. This is common with cheap party tents. The polyester tent cloth is woven very openly and therefore the cloth is porous. In addition, it often happens that water leaks through the stitching, because the wrong thread has been used. In both cases you can easily solve the problem by spraying the cloth and the seams well with impregnating agent. The impregnating agent ensures that small holes are filled. This is how you make the party tent waterproof.

Keep this in mind when impregnating polyester

Wondering why you should set up the tent before you start impregnating? When you have set up the tent, there is tension on the canvas. This will open up tiny holes slightly. By spraying the tent cloth when the light is on, all those holes are filled with impregnating agent. This results in optimum watertightness. Also don't forget to include hard-to-reach corners and seams.

Because polyester tents do not breathe, condensation can form on the inside of the tent at night. Do you see drops on the inside of the tent? That does not necessarily mean that the tent is leaking. It could well be condensation. Check whether your polyester tent is really leaking, for example by checking whether water is running through the stitching or the tent canvas.