How long does Power Cleaner take to work?

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Hoe lang moet Power Cleaner inwerken?

Ultramar Power Cleaner takes time.

Ultramar Power Cleaner sometimes has to work for a few hours. We clean a tent or boat cover as follows:

  • First we make the tent cloth beautiful with lukewarm water and a soft brush.
  • Then we spray Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo on the tent canvas and leave it a work in half an hour.
  • Thereafter to rinse we brushed all the dirt away with running water.
  • Then we leave the tent cloth drugs
  • Now it is easy to see whether the tent is clean enough. Are there still stains and pollution to be seen?
  • Then spray the tent cloth with Power Cleaner
  • Brush in and leave it like that work in until all stains are gone.
  • This is possible with some tents and boat covers hours last.
  • By the one every hour little by little spraying will make the effect even better. 
  • Only when all the stains are gone, the tent cloth wash down with water.