How much impregnating agent do I need to waterproof a cotton tent?

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Hoeveel impregneermiddel heb ik nodig om een katoenen tent waterdicht te maken?

Consumption always depends on the type of tent cloth.

  • For example, the cotton tent cloth of a folding trailer tent will absorb less impregnating agent than the tent cloth of a safari tent.
  • On average, you can maintain the consumption below. 
  • 1L bottle = 5 all 10 m²
  • It is wise to impregnate canvas, cotton or linen canvas when it is under tension.
  • When the tent is up, pull the canvas slightly open. 
  • Tiny holes are then created.
  • These holes can cause the tent to sag over time and become damp on the inside.
  • It is therefore preferable to set up the tent before impregnating.