How often should I impregnate my boat cover?

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Hoe vaak moet ik mijn bootkap impregneren?

Your boat cover will last the longest if the protection is always optimal. You protect the cloth by keeping it clean and impregnating it. How often do you do that? Read on quick!

Impregnate your boat cover at least 1 x a year

By impregnating the cloth you protect it against:

  • UV radiation
  • Mold
  • Green attack
  • Weather spots
  • Rust
  • bird pop
  • spider poo
  • Polluted water
  • rain stripes

It is useless to impregnate the cloth and then do nothing more.

This way your boat cover stays clean and you extend its lifespan

  • Clean the cloth once a month with lukewarm water and a soft brush
  • Clean the cloth well once a year according to the Ultramar 3 Step Plan
  • Impregnate the cloth at least once a year on the inside and outside
  • Do you see that the canvas gets dirty again quickly? Then just one more time impregnation.

This way you can enjoy your valuable boat cover for the longest!

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