How can I make boat cover seams waterproof?

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Hoe kan ik naden van bootkap waterdicht maken?

Are the stitching of your boat cover no longer waterproof? Is water leaking through the seams? Waterproofing the seams of your boat cover is easy without a special seam sealer. Take a quick look at our user manual!

Seams waterproof? It's that simple!

Making the stitching of a boat cover waterproof is super simple. You have no special seam sealer needed. They often give ugly stains. All you have to do is it fill a stitching hole until it closes.

This is not possible with many impregnating agents. This is easily done with our impregnating agent Sprayhood & Tent Protector. It is very suitable for waterproofing the seams. Due to the large amount of active substances, it is effective on seams that are very bad. 

  1. Spray the impregnating agent on the seams. Use a plant sprayer.
  2. Rub extra into the holes if necessary. Use a brush or brush for this.
  3. Leave the cloth now drugs.
  4. Test with water. 
  5. Does it still leak a little? Then just the repeat treatment.

Order Sprayhood & Tent Protector and receive it within 1 to 2 days at home. Also protect the rest of your boat cover immediately with this strong impregnating agent!