Set up and take down the awning. That's how you do it!

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Voortent opzetten en afbreken. Zo doet u dat!
Setting up and taking down the awning is a piece of cake. Read my handy tips & tricks.

Whether setting up the awning is a hobby of yours or a necessary evil, it takes some time before you can go camping. It is also useful in both cases to know exactly what you should and should not do during setup and breakdown. Read on to the facts, facts, tips and tricks below. Setting up the awning is now no more than a piece of cake.

Set up the awning properly

A big advantage of the current tents is that they are much easier to set up. The systems are simplified and often the tent poles are connected to each other by means of springs or rubber bands. If you want to set up the awning properly, be sure to use the instructions for use.

Setting up awning tips

  1. First set up the tent at home. This makes setting up at the campsite much easier. You know exactly where the bottlenecks are and if a part is lost or broken, at least you know that before you go on holiday. You certainly do not want to discover at the campsite that the awning frame is no longer complete.
  2. Do not pitch your tent in the lowest part of the campsite. This is asking for problems when it rains for a long time.
  3. Find a place in the shade. This is nice because you can sleep in a cooler tent, but it is also much better for the canvas of your tent. UV radiation affects the composition of the cloth, making it less waterproof, for example.
  4. Try to arrive at the campsite during the day so that you can set up the tent in daylight.
  5. Pack pegs and poles in a separate bag so that they do not damage the tent canvas.

set up awning youtube

In addition to these general tips, you may also want to know how to actually set up the tent. You can read this in the description, you can get good advice from friends, but often a video works best. On YouTube you will find various videos on which you can view how to set up a tent as conveniently as possible.

Setting up the awning tight is important

A very important point is to set up the tent properly. You do that by following these steps:

  1. First tension the roof beams to the maximum.
  2. Place the center upright at the correct height.
  3. Lower the right and left corner uprights.
  4. Tension the ridge beams to the maximum.
  5. Place the left and right corner uprights in the rubber treads.
  6. This way your tent is really tight.

Have the awning set up by a professional

Do you really not feel like setting up the tent yourself or do you really want to make sure that the tent is tight? You can then use the setup service. Professionals will then set up the tent for you on location and you will benefit from various advantages:

  1. The tent is guaranteed to be tightly set up.
  2. You will receive immediate advice in case of any problems.
  3. You don't have to do anything about it yourself.
  4. A carefree holiday.

read here for example about such a service.

Setting up the awning canopy

Also a few tips for you when it comes to setting up the awning:

  1. Have everything you need ready in a well-arranged manner.
  2. First install the rear pole part of the middle roof beam. Attach it to the center cap canopy pole of the tent.
  3. Now take the canvas from the awning. Find the eye. You can put the open pin of the stick through this eye. Alternatively, you can use awning clips.

Set up caravan awning

What is important when setting up the caravan awning?

  1. First make sure that the caravan is on a level surface. Use a spirit level if necessary.
  2. Secure the awning groundsheet in the right place.
  3. Do you have all your belongings ready? Also, for example, the awning elastics?
  4. Prepare all parts and set up the tent according to the instructions. Watch a video if you want to know exactly what to do.

Tension awning

Tensioning the awning is an important part of setting up your tent. Which steps are best to follow?

  1. If you have a caravan with a tent, it is always best to start tensioning on the side of the caravan.
  2. Tension the rear step rubber straight down.
  3. Pull out the outer tread rubber and secure it with a peg.
  4. Do the same on the other side of the caravan.
  5. When stretching the corner uprights at a 45° angle, tighten the front and both sides at once.
  6. Tension the places where the zippers are located first.
  7. Install the storm strap if necessary.

Setting up the awning extension

Now you have the tent up and the extension still needs to be done. Fortunately, that's not most of the work anymore. Read the points below and the job is done in no time.

  1. Remove the side wall from the tent and have all the things ready.
  2. Zip the extension to the tent
  3. Can you see the openings at the zippers? These are intended to allow the frame to pass through.
  4. When you have attached the entire frame, you can stretch it and tension the tent rubbers. Always start with the zippers.

It is nice when your tent is pitched and the great enjoyment can begin. A number of accessories are almost indispensable if you want to camp in a pleasant way. Think, for example, of awning tiles or awning carpet.

Do you take awning tiles or awning carpet

Wouldn't you also like to keep your feet dry in your tent? Whether you choose tiles or carpet, depends on your own wishes and preferences. Both ensure that you can comfortably walk through your tent. An important difference is that tiles are slightly easier to install than carpet.

Breaking down the awning and folding the awning

Is the holiday unfortunately over? Or are you going to tear down the awning and put it back up elsewhere? Folding in particular requires precision. Which points are very important?

  1. Before you start folding, the tent must be completely clean and, above all, completely dry.
  2. Lay the roof on top of the carpet, the underlayment should be with the inside facing down so you don't damage the coating on the outside.
  3. Now place the side pieces against the sides and fold them towards the middle.
  4. Now you can fold a few more times until the tent fits in your tent bag.
  5. In this way the awning is easy to fold and you are done with it in no time.

Cleaning the awning

At least as important as setting up and taking down the tent is the next point: cleaning the awning. There is a good chance that the inside of the tent will certainly be properly cleaned on a regular basis. However, it is also very important to keep the outside of your tent clean. In this way, your tent will last for years and you can enjoy the benefits of a tent with good features. By this I mean, for example, that you do not suffer from leakage during a rain shower. How do you clean the tent? What can you pay attention to?

  1. Never use green soap to clean your tent.
  2. I also strongly advise against vinegar or a normal cleaning agent.
  3. Protect your tent canvas in the best possible way. You do this by impregnating the cloth once a year. That way your tent will last a long time and you don't have to worry that it is no longer waterproof. Impregnation also has a dirt-repellent effect.
  4. Do you notice that your tent has become dirty while camping? Then try to remove the dirt immediately. Maybe it will work with a soft brush? If not, take some lukewarm water and clean the tent cloth.
  5. If you have specific stains or if the tent is very dirty, use a special cleaning agent.

How do you remove weather stains?

Weather stains are annoying because they affect the fibers such as cotton and the protective layer of your tent fabric. It is therefore recommended to remove it as soon as possible. Try not to get started with all kinds of home, garden and kitchen remedies. Your neighbor at the campsite probably has all kinds of good tips and she always gets her tent clean with vinegar. I want to urge you not to do this, because you will damage the canvas. Always use special cleaning products and then you can be sure that the weather stains can be removed easily. Without causing damage to the canvas.

Mold on the canvas?

Many people are shocked when they discover mold on the tent canvas. There are even campers who think they can put up their tent. However, do not think this too quickly, because if you use special cleaning products, mold is almost always easy to remove. read here more about.