Instructions for use - Cotton impregnation Canvas & Cotton Protector

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Gebruiksaanwijzing - Katoen impregneermiddel Canvas & Cotton Protector

Canvas & Cotton Protector is a very strong impregnating agent for cotton and canvas. Makes cotton tent canvas waterproof and dirt-resistant.

  1. Make sure the cloth is clean and dry. If necessary, clean first with Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo and Ultramar Power Cleaner.
  2. Apply Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector liberally and evenly. Use a spray or plant spray for this. The cloth must be completely saturated.
  3. Let dry well. Repeat treatment if necessary.


  • Consumption: this depends on the type of cloth: a pack of 5 liters is sufficient for 25 m² to 50 m².