Instructions for use - Extra strong cloth cleaner Power Cleaner

1 minute reading
Gebruiksaanwijzing - Extra sterke doekreiniger Power Cleaner

Ultramar Power Cleaner is a super strong cloth cleaner. Always use it as Step 2. For when nothing else helps.

  • Apply Ultramar Power Cleaner to the cloth with a plant sprayer, spray, brush or brush.
  • Then rub in with a firm soft brush
  • Leave about 1 hour work in.
  • Don't see any change?
  • Squirt a little extra Power Cleaner and brush in again.
  • late again move in.
  • Repeat until the stains are gone. This can take several hours.
  • Then with a brush and enough water rinse well.
  • Power Cleaner on a small inconspicuous piece testing.
  • Use Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector or Canvas & Cotton Protector to make the canvas waterproof and protect it against mold, algae, stains.