Can I use Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo safely?

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Can I use Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo safely?

Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo is a safe cleaning agent for tent cloth, tarpaulin, boat cover, convertible cloth, sun protection cloth.

We had it developed as a special sail and tent laundry for use at any location and for any type of cloth. 

Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo is therefore safe to use for cleaning and cleaning, for example:

  • Ten Cate All Season tent cloth
  • Cotton canvas
  • Tent cloth lightweight cotton 
  • Ten Cate Solair polyester/cotton canvas
  • Awning fabric from Markilux
  • Boat cover from Sunbrella
  • Convertible top cloth from Sonneland
  • Bootacryl
  • Tarpaulin Dacron
  • Tarpaulin laminate
  • Spinnaker cloth 

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