Help! There is mold on my canvas!

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Help! Er zit schimmel op mijn tentdoek!
Schimmel op uw tentdoek? Ik vertel u graag hoe u uw tent reinigt en nieuwe schimmelvorming voorkomt.

Mold on your tent looks dirty. But not only that, it is also bad for your health. Mold is also harmful to your tent because the protective coating is damaged. It would be a shame if your health or tent were damaged by mold on your tent canvas. That is why we are happy to tell you how you can remove mold from your tent canvas in the long term.

How does mold develop?

First something about the origin of mold. Because: there is mold on your tent canvas, but how did it actually get there?

Fungi often grow in a moist dark environment. Usually mold initially grows on the dirt and bacteria that are present on the tent canvas. That is why it is important to keep your tent cloth clean.

Nowadays, tent fabric manufacturers are not allowed to use heavy metals and biocides to protect the tent fabric against fungi. As a result, the tent canvas has become very vulnerable and the chance of mold and weather stains developing is greater than before.

Don't forget the tubes, tent bag and box!

Mold on tent canvas spreads very easily on contact or through the air. That is why we recommend that you also thoroughly clean the tubes, tent bag and box so that mold can no longer be found. Otherwise, you run the risk of the fungus spreading again quickly.

Prevention: impregnation

Tent cloth is very fragile. Especially cotton. The cotton is simply eaten, so to speak. That is again a good reason why we advise to preventively impregnate and protect the tent cloth. Prevention is always better than cure!

Prevention: clean the tent regularly

If the extra impregnation (protection) is always in good condition, you really only need water to keep the tent cloth clean.