My tent is not clean yet. What else can I do?

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Mijn tent is nog niet schoon. Wat kan ik nog doen?

You have cleaned your tent, but the result is still disappointing? This can have various causes.

Different types of dirt 

The dirt on a tent can be a combination of different types of dirt, such as: atmospheric dirt, exhaust gas, soot, rain stripes or bird droppings. To remove these different types of pollution, we always recommend cleaning in a number of steps. Every step and every cleaning agent tackles different pollution.

Step 1:
 First clean the tent with water and then immediately with Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo.
Step 2: Then clean the tent further with Power Cleaner.


Let it work in sufficiently

The cleaning agents take time to work in. This is especially important with the Power Cleaner. That can take up to several hours. 

  • Sprayhood & Tent Shampoo: about 20 minutes
  • Power Cleaner: Let it work for at least one to eight hours. If necessary, spray a little every hour and brush in.

Chemistry, temperature and movement

Chemistry, temperature and movement also influence the effect of the product. Please note the following:

  • Chemistry: Apply some extra product. 
  • Temperature: Hand warm water may work better than cold water. Beware of a high temperature. Make sure the water is never warmer than 30 degrees. (Lukewarm / lukewarm water).
  • Movement: By brushing firmly with a soft, firm brush you can brush the dirt well.