Make a party tent waterproof in 3 steps!

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Partytent waterdicht maken in 3 stappen!
In our wet little country, a party tent is very useful, provided it is waterproof of course...

Party tents are an absolute solution if you would like to have a party outside, but are not sure about the weather. And let's be honest: in the Netherlands we are never sure about the weather. A party tent as a backup at an outdoor party is therefore not an unnecessary luxury! Then it is of course important that the tent is waterproof.

Read here why protecting with an impregnating agent is so important!

You can make your party tent waterproof by applying a moisture and dirt-repellent layer with an impregnating agent.

How can I waterproof my party tent?

We developed especially for waterproofing tents Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector. Every year at Ultramar, we impregnate many tents and catering umbrellas with this impregnating agent. It not only makes the cloth waterproof, but also provides extra protection against dirt, fungi and algae. Applying this impregnating agent is very simple. For a professional result you only need to follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Clean well
Make sure your party tent is clean. This is super important. Suppose there is bird droppings, dirt and green deposits on the canvas of your party tent. And then you spray impregnating agent on it. You then lock up all the dirt. That dirt is therefore more difficult to remove. But if the dirt comes off, you will immediately lose your impregnation. Therefore, clean the cloth at least once with lukewarm water and a firm soft brush. Never use green soap. Why not? You can read that here.

Step 2: Apply Sprayhood & Tent Protector.
Apply Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector generously and evenly with a spray or plant spray. Also on the inside! By also impregnating the inside, mold and weather spots will have less chance of adhering to the cloth.

Step 3: Let it dry well
Let the party tent dry thoroughly. Do you see that there is still water coming through the cloth somewhere? Or maybe along the stitching? No problem! Simply spray again with the impregnating agent.


Party tents made of cheap material are often very open woven. This makes waterproofing the fabric difficult. What you can try is impregnate the Partytent several times. There is a good chance that the holes will still close due to the different layers.

Would you like to impregnate your party tent with Ultramar Sprayhood & Tent Protector? Visit here our webshop.