Prevent green deposits on your boat cover? (5 tips)

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Groene aanslag op uw bootkap voorkomen? (5 tips)
Green deposits consist of algae and mosses and can be prevented by properly maintaining your boat cover.

Everyone with a tent, boat cover or convertible roof knows it: green deposits. An eyesore, but what exactly is it? In this blog we explain what green attack is and, above all, how you can prevent it!

What is green attack?

Green deposits consist of algae and mosses. Dark damp spots are ideal for the formation of green deposits. And green deposits are in turn a perfect substrate for mold. Is there mold on the canvas? Then you are even further from home, because mold can cause damage. Prevent this with these 5 tips to prevent green deposits!

groene aanslag algen tentdoek

1. Apply a good impregnation layer

Grandma always said that prevention is better than cure. In this case it certainly does! A well-impregnated cloth does not only protect against water. But it also works dirt-repellent. Because cloth with a good protective layer does not stay wet for long, green deposits also have much less chance!

2. Hang out your cloth

No matter how well your cloth is impregnated, when your cloth is folded, moisture cannot escape. So hang out your canvas before you put it away.

3. Let light reach your canvas

Algae and mosses like dark places. By letting light reach the canvas, green deposits will form less quickly.

Don't make the same mistakes as 90% of water sports enthusiasts. Don't give mold and green deposits a chance and keep your boat cover clean and watertight.

4. Regular cleaning

Lightly soiled cloth can easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and a soft, but firm brush. By regularly removing dirt, green deposits will adhere less quickly.

5. Leave green soap in the cupboard!

It is often recommended to use green soap for cleaning cloth. We absolutely do not recommend this! Green soap initially removes dirt and grime easily. But at the same time, you also create a layer with it, which makes the deposits come back sooner and increases the chance of mold. Do you want to know why this is so? Then read us blog about using green soap.