Buy shoe spray? - The Best TIPS and Advice

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Schoenen spray kopen? – De Beste TIPS en Adviezen
Shoes are not always cheap. So smart to use it as long as possible. Good maintenance is indispensable here.

Impregnation of shoes regularly is very wise. If you do that in the right way and with the right products, you will certainly take a lot of steps with these shoes.

Waterproofing shoes with shoe spray

Don't feel like buying new expensive hiking boots every year? Would you like to enjoy those lovely sneakers for years to come? Not in the mood for an expensive impregnation treatment at the expert? The solution is simple. Just impregnate the shoes yourself. Then choose a quality impregnating agent. What do you pay attention to? Make your profit with the tips below.

Impregnation spray shoes of perfect quality

Want to protect your shoes yourself? Are you sure that the treatment is effective? Then order Outdoor Gear Protector. Why should you buy this product right now? This impregnating agent protects your shoes permanently. Guaranteed! You will not regret this purchase.

Shoe spray that protects even in extreme conditions

Protecting your shoes from rain, yes, you still believe that. But when it comes to snow and salt water? Can I really walk everywhere with my shoes after a treatment with this product? Outdoor Gear Protector protects even against extreme conditions. Sure. It protects against dirt, moisture and also against large amounts of water. You can protect your clothes with it, but also your shoes.

What does impregnation actually mean?

You may be wondering what actually happens when you use the shoe spray. Impregnation is no different than applying a protective liquid. No more and no less. But enough. Our impregnation is also specially aimed at preventing stains and dirt.

Why does impregnation prevent your shoes from getting dirty?

We use a special liquid for impregnation. If you are going to inject the shoes, this will ensure that dirt adheres less to the fibers of the material. If you walk through the mud or through a forest with many leaves, dirt and debris will naturally get on your shoes. However, the impregnating agent prevents the dirt from entering the fibres. It actually stays on top of it. This makes it much easier to clean the shoes when you get home. Of course, your shoes will last much longer this way.

Compare shoe impregnation spray with the effect of a raincoat

This example may clarify the theory a bit. You have certainly worn a raincoat at some point. It is and remains strange that it can still rain so hard, but if you have the raincoat on, you will still stay dry. This also happens with shoes that have been treated with a good spray. There will be dirt on the shoe. Just like rain comes on the rain jacket. However, the drops of rain remain on the raincoat and do not get through. So something like this also happens to your shoes if you have treated them properly.

The advantages of impregnation for you at a glance

  • Dirt-resistant
  • moisture repellent
  • Shoes stay beautiful longer
  • Shoes are easier to clean
  • Less prone to discoloration
  • Longer life span

Which shoes can be impregnated?

Well, a better question might be; which shoes cannot be impregnated. But go ahead, a list:

  • Suede shoes
  • Leather shoes
  • work shoes
  • Hiking boots
  • Sneakers
  • gore-tex shoes
  • Protect suede shoes

Suede is also known as 'Swedish leather'. It is a lot softer than regular leather. Spraying suede shoes with a good spray is extra important. This material is sensitive to water and dirt. Suede boots and shoes have a luxurious look. Of course you want to keep it that way. Before wearing them for the first time, treat them right away with a suede shoe spray. Repeat this regularly later to enjoy these shoes for a long time. Cherish your shoes and choose only a suitable spray for suede shoes.

Waterproofing leather shoes

If you want to enjoy your leather shoes for a long time, maintenance is important. Not just to make the shoe waterproof. Maintenance also means that you give your shoes a regular rest. Alternate. Don't wear the same shoes every day. Order a good quality leather shoe spray and you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

Gore-tex shoes waterproof with water-repellent spray shoes

It is best to treat the shoes before the first use. Have you worn them before and are you now going to treat the gore-tex shoes? Then proceed as follows.

If the shoes are wet, dry them first

  • Brush off any dried dirt
  • Take the laces out
  • Bring the tongue forward
  • When the shoes are dry, treat with impregnation spray
  • Good spray to impregnate indispensable with gore tex

Be careful with your Gore-Tex shoes

Never use the wrong care product, because with a little bad luck it will mean the end of your shoes. You will ruin the breathability of these shoes. The annoying result is clammy, wet feet with every walk. With Outdoor Gear Protector you are guaranteed to be in the right place. A treatment with this impregnating agent is the best you can give your shoes.

What is Gore Tex?

Gore-Tex is a very thin membrane. In fact, it's all about the structure. It is microporous with Gore-Tex. The membrane has 1.4 billion pores per square centimeter. A water drop is therefore much larger. This prevents moisture from penetrating. Sweat, however, is a different story. A water vapor molecule is smaller than a pore.

How do you best take care of your Gore-Tex shoes?

  • Don't wear cotton socks
  • Choose good socks
  • Regular maintenance
  • Keep toenails short
  • Usage Outdoor Gear Protector

Waterproof hiking boots with water-repellent spray shoes

You will have a lot of fun with waterproof hiking boots. You don't have to think about having wet socks and feet after every rain shower, do you? A good impregnation spray is the best solution. This ensures that you keep your feet dry and warm in your shoes for years.

Take good care of your walking shoes

To ensure a long life for your hiking boots, use the following practical tips.

  • Always impregnate new walking shoes
  • During maintenance, laces loose and tongue forward
  • Dry shoes in a ventilated area after a wet walk
  • Never let it dry near a heat source or in the sun
  • Treat them regularly with Outdoor Gear Protector

How does impregnating hiking boots work?

  • The shoes must be dry before the treatment
  • Spray evenly. From left to right. From top to bottom
  • Thin layer is enough
  • Let shoes dry well afterwards

Treat sneakers with spray for shoes

Can those new snow white sneakers of yours last a while? Which can. Then opt for injecting sneakers. No, not just with a spray or maintenance product. Then choose the right impregnation spray. Do this right away before putting them on for the first time. You then give the sneakers a protective layer. Dirt and moisture do not get a chance to penetrate. You can brush off any dirt that gets on the shoes. This way, even after months, you still walk around with radiant white sneakers.

Waterproofing work shoes

Work shoes are often not the cheapest shoes. And once you've broken them in, you might get hooked on them. Handy if they last as long as possible. How do you make these shoes waterproof? Use a good impregnating spray. This way you can be sure that they are water-repellent for the time being.

Maintenance work shoes

The maintenance of work shoes requires just a little more attention. If you pay attention to the tips below, your shoes will undoubtedly last a long time.

  • Let dry well. Not with the heating, because then the leather dries out
  • Store in a dry and well-ventilated place
  • Provide two pairs of work shoes and alternate them every day
  • wear good socks
  • Check every day whether the work shoes are not damaged. This is important for your safety
  • Never and never put the work shoes in the washing machine
  • Use good dirt-repellent spray shoes

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