How do I make ski clothing watertight? - tips & instructions

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Skikleding waterdicht maken? – tips & gebruiksaanwijzing
Does your ski clothing feel clammy? Then it's time to treat it with Ultramar Outdoor Gear Protector.

Waterproofing ski clothing

Clothing protects us from all kinds of weather influences, with waterproof clothing in particular having an important function. However, if clothing isn't properly waterproof, you can quickly get cold, exactly when you should be able to rely on your waterproof clothing. With our professional products, you can be sure you won't have to worry about this. An impregnated layer not only means no more water getting through, but also that grime and mould don't stand a chance of attaching themselves to the clothing.

Ski clothing is often already provided with a water-repellent layer by the manufacturer. Would you like to protect your clothing even better against moisture? Then we advise you to additionally treat your winter sports clothing with special products. Even well impregnated clothing can often feel clammy again after a while but by re-treating the clothing, it feels comfortable again and can last for years to come.

How does it all work?

It is often thought that a waterproof layer completely seals off ski clothing. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. You see, there are small holes in the waterproof layer. These are necessary so that perspiration can escape. If this is not possible, ski clothing will feel clammy on the inside. Poorly breathable ski clothing is usually caused by grime clogging the holes and in this case, it is best to wash the clothing. You subsequently waterproof the ski clothing, so that you have a good protective layer once again. A good waterproof layer won't let any drops into the suit, but will allow perspiration to leave the suit.

How do I keep my ski clothing waterproof?

If your ski clothing starts to feel clammy, this can have two causes.

  1. The water-repellent layer is still intact, but the membrane is clogged with grime. This is why it is important that you wash your ski clothing properly. Read in the blog 'Washing ski clothing' what the do's and don'ts are.
  2. Another cause is a worn water-repellent layer. You will recognise this because the fabric allows water droplets to pass through. After a while, this starts to affect the fabric, which can lead to stains. That's why it's wise to regularly re-treat your winter sports clothing with special products.

Tips for waterproofing ski clothing

Would you like to apply a protective layer to your ski clothing yourself? This is very simple with Ultramar Outdoor Gear Protector. This water repellent spray has been specially developed for outdoor clothing. By using this spray on your ski clothing, you will be applying a new protective layer. In this way, your winter sports clothing is guaranteed to feel comfortable again and you can make the most of your winter sports holiday without having anything to worry about.

The result?

  • No more clammy or wet ski clothing
  • Extended lifespan of ski clothing
  • Stains do not penetrate the fabric
  • Waterproof ski clothing is also windproof