Cleaning couch? - Best Tips & Advice

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Bank schoonmaken? - Beste Tips & Advies
New couch? Read these tips on how to remove and prevent dirt and stains!

Are you in doubt? Replace the sofa or use it for a few more years? Perhaps the children will be out of the house in a few years and the new sofa will remain beautiful for longer. But then, what about those stains that are in it now? Good news for you, because most stains can be removed with our products. Just bought a new sofa? How do you protect it against dirt and stains? Use the practical tips below.

Impregnate sofa

Beautiful new couch! The whole room immediately has a completely different look. How do you keep this sofa so beautiful? An accident is in a small corner. A stain is thus made. You drink a delicious glass of wine, you sit back and yes, a wine stain on the brand new fabric sofa. Impregnate the sofa and stains and dirt are easy to remove.

Handy couch protector

You use the sofa more relaxed when it is well protected. When you buy a new sofa, you will quickly get the question: do you want an impregnation treatment? Unfortunately, you immediately have an expensive sofa. Impregnation yourself is an excellent alternative. Then choose a good impregnating agent. It is also important to follow the correct steps. This is not difficult.

Impregnate fabric sofa

Whether you have a fabric or a leather sofa, with our impregnating agent you ensure good protection. With Outdoor Gear Protector, stains are no problem at all. Your furniture is permanently protected. With an outdoor protective equipment? Did you not expect this? Yes, for your motorcycle gear and your tent, but for your beautiful new sofa? I assure you this works. The product protects against dirt and moisture. The fact that outdoor products, such as a soiled tent canvas, are perfectly protected with this product says it all. Of course it can also handle the stains on your sofa!

Treat yourself

There is no need to take an expensive treatment at the furniture store. You do the impregnation yourself. Order today via our online shop. Still curious about the real benefits?

  • Bench lasts longer
  • Sofa stays beautiful for much longer
  • Doing it yourself is much cheaper
  • Easy to perform
  • Bank can be used again quickly
  • Guaranteed result

Is it really necessary?

Isn't it a bit exaggerated? The kids are out the door. Our grandchildren are neat. I never really mess myself. Are you still hesitating? Nevertheless, protecting your sofa is highly recommended. However you look at it, the sofa is used intensively. Impregnation now prevents regret later.

How does it work?

What is the use of impregnation? Will you no longer get stains? Impregnation means applying a protective layer. This prevents stains and dirt. You are using a special liquid. This prevents dirt from sticking to the fibers of the material used. So the dirt does not enter these fibres. In fact, it stays on top of it. This makes it easier to remove. The comparison with a rain jacket always clarifies a lot. The raindrops remain on the rainwear and do not penetrate.

Cleaning fabric sofa

Can all stains be removed? That would be nice! The most common stains can certainly be removed. Unfortunately, not everything can be removed 100%. Not even after applying a protective layer. However, the chances are slim that you will get such a very special stain on your sofa. Which dirt can certainly be removed?

  • Thee
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Ice
  • Lemonade
  • Chocolate
  • beer

Problems with fabric sofa

A fabric sofa has many advantages. These sofas are comfortable. They also provide a homely atmosphere. However, a number of problems often arise over time. The cushions are sagging. Pilling occurs. The color is less bright. There are practical solutions to avoid these problems. Or at least postpone it for a while.

  • Shake pillows every week
  • Switch seats
  • Fluff comb helps against pills
  • couch sucking every week
  • Do not place the sofa in direct sunlight
  • Use a good impregnating agent once a year

Remove old stains from fabric sofa

Are you still sticking with your old couch? But first a makeover? You opt for impregnation, but what about the old stains? There are a number of home, garden and kitchen tips in circulation:

  • cleaning vinegar
  • Lukewarm water and soda
  • In case of ink use milk
  • Use undiluted shampoo

Hopefully one of these ways will get rid of the old grime. Personally, I would choose a good quality textile shampoo. Other cleaning agents could remain in the fabric of your sofa. That is not useful when you are impregnating.

Cleaning leather sofa

You want to clean the leather? Usually that is not too difficult. Often necessary. A leather sofa stays beautiful for a long time. However, the quality and appearance deteriorate over time. Consider, for example, the delivery of denim clothing. Or to skin grease from pets. What steps do you follow when cleaning?

1. What type of leather does your sofa have?

There are different types of leather. Keep this in mind when cleaning. Covered leather is easy to maintain. Do you have open leather? This is extra expensive. It is best to impregnate open leather. This considerably extends the life of the leather. The same goes for sanded leather.

2. Remove dirt and dust

Take the vacuum cleaner and remove all dust and dirt. Your vacuum cleaner probably has a special attachment. This way you can also clean between the cushions.

3. Learn to clean

Has all the dust and dirt been removed? Then clean with a suitable maintenance product. Test in a less visible area first. Then you can be sure that the leather reacts well to the product.

4. Protecting the leather

Your sofa will look like new again. Now is the time to care and protect. The color of the leather will remain beautiful in the coming time and the leather will feel supple. You don't have to worry about new stains either. These are much easier to remove thanks to the impregnation layer. Cleaning your sofa will be faster and better from now on.

Cleaning sofa tips

Are you interested? Are you going to clean your sofa? Then you opt for an impregnation treatment? You certainly won't regret it. Cleaning the sofa yourself is perfectly possible. You can postpone the purchase of a new piece of furniture for years. Some useful tips for you:

  • Pay close attention to the material
  • Cleaning fabric sofa is also possible
  • Always start in an inconspicuous place
  • When cleaning the upholstery, use a white cloth
  • Biotex can be used with any material
  • Musty odors can be removed with cleaning vinegar
  • Milk is a solution if you have streaks of ink in the bank
  • Grease stains can be removed with detergent
  • red wine stain? Immediately pour white wine over it. Salt is also possible to clean fabric sofa

Cleaning fabric chair

Will it be cleaning a new upholstery or fabric sofa? Of course, the same applies to a chair as to a sofa. Perhaps you are attached to the substance. Is the chair a warrior of a dear person? Cleaning the fabric with a good product is an excellent choice. Immediately afterwards ensure a good protective layer. You can easily order the impregnating agent in our shop.

Order Outdoor Gear Protector before 10 p.m. Then you will have it at home tomorrow!

Sofa cleaning costs

Do you want to have the sofa cleaned? Doesn't it seem too complicated to remove stains from the sofa? This can usually be done at the furniture store where you bought the sofa. A common price is about a tenner per seat. The choice is yours, but you can also do this job yourself with a good sofa cleaner. It is also possible to clean chairs. Refer to the appropriate tips. Opt for an impregnation treatment and you are guaranteed to enjoy your furniture again for years to come.