Impregnate the sofa with a good sofa protector?

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Bank impregneren met goede bankbeschermer?
Do you know that? Have you just bought a new sofa or chair and then a cup of coffee is poured over it or the piece of cake falls from the saucer. A large stain is the result and you spend endlessly trying to get that stain out again. If that works at all. 

An accident can easily happen, and before you know it, your new fabric sofa and/or chairs will no longer be spotless.

Or you have a restaurant and due to messes and accidents, the upholstery of your furniture suddenly looks a lot less attractive. Too bad, because others don't like to sit on couches and chairs that look mottled. And no matter how hard you try, the stains almost never completely disappear. Especially not if 'accidents' happen more often.

Impregnate sofa

Of course you want to keep your furniture nice and clean forever. This is only possible if you do not use them, but that is of course not an option.

What does work is impregnating your sofa, chair and cushions with a protective spray!

Fortunately, there is a simple - but very effective - method to keep your sofas, chairs and cushions neat and stain-free. A cup of coffee over the couch is no longer a problem. You wipe it dry with a cloth and it leaves no more stains. This applies to everything that is messed or spilled on your seating furniture. With the Outdoor Gear Protector everything stays so clean in the future that it looks like you just bought it new.

Furniture impregnation spray

With this excellent impregnation spray you can treat the surfaces that must remain clean and tidy. The spray works great on all types of material. Not only on the different types of fabric, but also on leather, skai and suede. Stains don't stand a chance anymore! The spray does not need to be diluted and dries colorless. Whatever color your sofa is, it doesn't matter.


Is it difficult to impregnate? No, on the contrary. A child can do the laundry, so to speak.

  • Make horizontal stripes over the fabric to be treated at a distance of 30 centimeters.
  • Then make vertical strokes so that every piece of fabric is hit by the spray.
  • The Outdoor Gear Protector is water-based, so it is very safe to use.
  • Let your treated piece of furniture dry for 24 hours and then it is ready for a long and carefree use.
  • You can wipe off liquids and stains effortlessly, and your furniture will remain as new.

Order Outdoor Gear Protector before 10 p.m. Then you will have it at home tomorrow!