The 7 most beautiful sailing routes in the Netherlands

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De 7 mooiste vaarroutes van Nederland
The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful sailing routes. I have looked up a number of toppers for you.

Do you also have your favorite sailing routes in the Netherlands? Or are you looking for a new challenge? The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful sailing routes. I have looked up a number of toppers for you. The sailing routes are very different, so that there is certainly something for every water sports enthusiast. Sailing in the Netherlands is different every time.

Sailing route 1: Eleven Cities Tour

Sailing all the way through the Elfstedentocht is a great wish of many water sports enthusiasts. This has been possible for many years now. Do skaters have to wait every year to see whether this route can be ridden, with a boat it is guaranteed to work. The popularity of the route is undoubtedly due to the combination of tranquility, nature and the beautiful Frisian cities.

You start this route in the capital Leeuwarden. You then sail to Sneek, where you should definitely take a look at the famous water gate. This monument dates from 1613. If you need a bit of culture, visit the Frisian Maritime Museum.

Then sail on to IJlst and enjoy the beautiful canal through which you sail. It is surrounded by lime trees. A city walk is certainly recommended.

South Friesland is the next destination. And the beautiful town of Sloten. Are you interested in IFKS Skûtsjesilen? Then keep an eye on when the annual competition takes place.

Then loose the ropes and go to Stavoren. This Hanseatic city is the oldest in Friesland and has a beautiful center. Would you like to stretch your legs? Then take a nice walk from this place. Or rent bicycles and choose one of the many cycling tours that are possible here.

Further on the route you will pass or through Hindeloopen and Workum. The latter town is known for its beautiful facades. Then you come to Bolsward and if you appreciate this, it is even possible to sail almost to the center with your boat. In need of some liveliness, disembark and visit one of the city's lively events.

If you continue sailing, you will pass Harlingen and Franeker. Finally, close the sailing route along the Northern Eleven Cities sailing route.

Sailing route 2: Western Scheldt

You are not afraid of a little one and you like a challenge? Then this sailing route is definitely recommended. If you are not yet very experienced, it is better to skip this route. But if you are confident in your seamanship, be sure to enjoy this beautiful and challenging sailing route. Besides the fact that this route is quite a challenge, you will come to nice places such as Breskens and Vlissingen. Suitable harbor places to moor for a shorter or longer period of time.

How do you reach the Western Scheldt? In the first place, this can be done via the North Sea. You sail from the north, under the coast of Walcheren, to Vlissingen. It is also possible to reach the Western Scheldt via inland waterways.

Realize that because you are sailing on sea water, you will have to deal with ebb and flow. In itself this is not a problem, but it is good to take it into account. The current is also quite good at times. If the wind blows hard and then also against the current, you can really roll up your sleeves and pull out all the stops.

If you are planning to sail this route, choose a time when the weather is calm. In addition, you must have the Western Scheldt Shipping Regulations with you. Finally, always give professional traffic right of way.

Sailing route 3: Utrecht

If you live in the province of Utrecht and would like to sail a route in the area, then opt for a cruise on the Lek and the Lower Rhine. If you live elsewhere in the Netherlands, this sailing route is also highly recommended. You will sail along and through nice places and your steering skills will certainly also be called upon.

It is useful to start in Nieuwegein. To get to Arnhem, you first cross the river for a while. Along the way you will enjoy the beautiful river landscape that is typically Dutch. You start on the Lek, but when you pass Wijk bij Duurstede, the river changes into the Lower Rhine. The best way to leave Nieuwegein is through the Koninginnesluis.

Culemborg is the first place you come across. If you want to moor here, this is only possible in a marina. The city has a rich past and you can certainly learn about this by visiting one of the museums.

If you continue sailing, you will soon cross the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. Always pay attention. Arriving at Wijk bij Duurstede, you have the opportunity to sail into the dead arm of the Lower Rhine. If you want to visit Wijk bij Duurstede, you can choose from two different marinas. If you enjoy culinary delights, be sure to visit one of the many restaurants in this city. Back on board you set course for Rhenen. Enjoy the beautiful river landscape. And wait, what about the magnificent view of the Cuneratoren?

If you have children on board, mooring at Rhenen is definitely recommended. A visit to Ouwehands Zoo will certainly appeal to you. After this it is Wageningen's turn and the province of Utrecht is already behind you. In Arnhem you can choose from two marinas.

Sailing route 4: Vlieland-Texel

The Wadden Sea is a beautiful sailing area. Especially for the experienced water sports enthusiast. If you have less experience and you still opt for the Wadden Sea, then this sailing route is very suitable. There are only a few difficult points and this route is perfectly doable, especially if the wind cooperates a bit. Two points call for extra alertness:

  • At the exit of Vlieland you have to go far up because of a sandbank.
  • If there is a lot of wind and the current is reasonable, the Molengat near Texel can be difficult.

You start at the port of Vlieland. If you want to make optimal use of the current, leave Vlieland half an hour after high water. You then benefit from the last bit of power. Follow the buoys west to Eierlandse Gat. Look back and see Vlieland pass you by. Do you see how long this island actually is? The last part of the island, called Vliehors, is used by the Air Force. Jets fly over here regularly.

With a bit of luck and a clear view, you can now see the lighthouse of Cocksdorp in the distance. You pass the seaside resort of De Koog. Eventually you will arrive in the Marsdiep and you have to be careful with the ferries. These always have priority, so always keep a close eye on them. If you sail further, you can finally enter the harbor of Oudeschild. Would it be a good idea to book an overnight stay here?

Sailing route 5: Roermond-Maasbracht

Sailing in Limburg hardly needs any explanation. The Burgundian cosiness, the hilly landscape and the mixture of Dutch, German and Belgian elements are unbeatable. As far as sailing is concerned, Limburg offers a lot of variety. The combination of large rivers and various large lakes makes sailing very enjoyable.

This route starts in Roermond. After passing the lock in Linne, you will enter the Maasbracht sailing area. Pay attention at the triple lock there, because the drop is no less than 11.85 meters. No need to panic, because there are handy floating bollards available where you can moor.

You will then arrive at the Juliana Canal. A number of special rules apply here, such as for sailing ships. These are only allowed to sail here if they are equipped with a ready-to-start engine. This is due to the busy shipping traffic.

Maastricht is the next destination of this sailing route. Take your time for this city and be sure to disembark for a while. There really is something for everyone here. Whether you like culture, nature or good food and drink, it's all possible in Maastricht. A must for one of the long summer evenings is one of the famous squares. The Onze Lieve Vrouweplein or the Vrijthof. Fun and fun!

Sailing route 6: Harderwijk-Spakenburg

Since the reclamation, Flevoland has been a wonderful area for sailing. One of the most beautiful sailing routes to sail with your sloop, sailboat or motor yacht.

You start in Harderwijk. Perhaps you prefer to immediately release the trusses? Otherwise, it is still an idea to walk around this beautiful Hanseatic city. Are you sailing with your family? Then there is a good chance that the children will want to visit the Dolfinarium.

Once you have passed the naviduct, follow the route towards Spakenburg. You are now sailing on the Wolderwijd and you will soon pass a number of marinas. On the port side you will see Strand Horst and on the starboard side Zeewolde. If you have skipped a visit to Harderwijk, you may want to moor here. Both marinas have excellent amenities. You continue to enjoy the beach and panoramic views.

After Nulde beach you will arrive at the Nijkerkersluis. You will now see the Eemhof on the starboard side. Somewhat comparable to Center Parcs. If the children are tired of sailing, pay a visit to the Eemhof. If you want to go to Spakenburg, follow the sailing route by choosing the fairway on the port side after the NK 40. In Bunschoten-Spakenburg you can choose from two marinas. In the New Marina you will find all the amenities you could wish for. The Old Marina is only intended for traditional ships. In Spakenburg you can taste and see on all sides that this used to be a real fishing village. There is a good chance that you will still see a number of older residents in traditional costume.

Sailing route 7: Alkmaar-Den Helder

An easy route to sail is the route from Alkmaar to Den Helder. Easy, but certainly one of the most beautiful routes. When you depart from Alkmaar, you first pass the Frisian Bridge. Ideally, the waiting time here is usually very short. After more than a kilometer you will see the Koedijker raft bridge. Unique and certainly nice to see for children. This bridge floats and the bridge parts slide apart over the water. From here on, have the children count how many such bridges they come across. The route is pretty self-explanatory. You follow the main water continuously.

When you see the Kooybrug, you know that you are almost in the Helder. If you now opt for the Koninklijke Marine Jacht Club, it is necessary to report to the Koopvaardersluis in advance. If you take one of the regular inland ports, this is of course not the case. Den Helder is a fantastic destination, where you can certainly enjoy yourself for a while. There is a good chance that the Naval Museum will appeal to you. For the children there is also a fantastic climbing forest in Den Helder.

As you can see, there is more than enough choice when it comes to Boat Tours Netherlands. Enjoy the water, the sun and the freedom. These sailing routes in the Netherlands can certainly help you with this.

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Have fun sailing!