The ultimate holiday checklist for a carefree summer

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De ultieme vakantiechecklist voor een onbezorgde zomer
No suitcase-packing stress this summer with this practical and complete holiday checklist.

Yes, just a little while and the holiday begins. Finishing the last things at work and then concentrating on a carefree holiday trip. Maybe already look up some information about the destination and into town for the last necessities. Are you always so afraid that you will forget something? You are certainly not alone in this! The car is packed, the kids are in the backseat and you wonder if your son's favorite stuffed toy is packed. And the sunglasses, are they in the suitcase or not? It is a pity to travel with these concerns. The holiday checklist is then a very simple solution. You can empty your head, everything is on the list!

Check off what's in the suitcase on this holiday packing list and you won't forget anything

Use the handy holiday checklist and you will never forget important things again. You will notice that this gives you peace of mind. You also enjoy the anticipation more. In the evening in bed you no longer have to think: I must prepare the sunscreen tomorrow. Use the checklist and don't forget anything. You don't have to figure it all out and memorize it yourself, because it's on the list. While packing, grab the checklist and check off what you have packed. The list is very complete, so there are bound to be things on it that are not relevant to you. You simply skip them or cross them out. If you travel with small children, you will need different luggage than when you travel together. A holiday to the sea requires different things than a holiday to the mountains. The list speaks for itself in that regard.

Practical and complete list for good travel preparation

Because everyone has their own wishes, the checklist is very complete. You will not only find everyday items on the list such as a toothbrush and socks, but also, for example, environmental stickers or tow cables. This way you can be sure that you don't forget anything. Are you going on a trip with the caravan? Even then you will read on the list what you should not forget. The convenient division into categories such as caravan, care, first aid, car, etc., makes it easy for you to see what you need. You may be able to skip some tips, while another category is very important to you.

Download holiday checklist

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